Get Gizzi that front-row seat, and thanks for your support

          This post has really gotten some traffic today and been one of the most popular entries on this blog. It was a good idea when I posted it and it deserves a bump back to the top of the page. 

          Thanks to the readers who have contributed to this relatively new blog amassing more than 1,000 hits over the past 30 days.

          It’s a lot of work following the news of the day and picking out topics to write about. The steadily increasing number of “hits” from readers encourages me to keep going. Thanks, and please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and criticisms on my stories and ways to improve this blog.

          Please consider voting for John Gizzi to fill that seat in the front-row seat in the White House press room. Not only is he a friend and mentor, he is eminently qualified to keep the White House press office on its toes.

          The Washington Post has a poll where the choices are Bloomberg News, Fox News, or another news agency of your choosing. The competition for the front-row-center seat is heating up.


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