Tanker 121 lurks at the Gulch

This PB4Y, formerly known around the slurry tanker business as Hawkins&Powers Aviation’s Tanker 121, is now parked at the Casa Grande Airport in Arizona.

In years gone by, I pumped a fair amount of gas, oil and fire-retardent slurry into this airplane, but a good friend of mine flew this airplane for H&P. He may want to leave some comments about his experiences … perhaps including how the airplane acquired the polka-dots on silver paint job it formerly sported.

The airplane, the Navy version of the B-24 bomber, now belongs to an organization that intends to restore the aircraft as a warbird.

Plenty of rivets holding this airplane together. My pilot friend knows when and where a number of them were replaced.


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3 Responses to Tanker 121 lurks at the Gulch

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  2. Gary Stephen says:

    Flew the plane for several years and helped paint it the first time. Year later Powers let another captain take it. Smoke jumpers in west Yellowstone put the dots on it. The next year I got it back and started removing the dots. Great flying airplane regardless of the paint. Gary Stephen

  3. Slade Ross says:

    I am so glad to see that someone is going to restore her! I flew second in command of this aircraft in 1996. I would love to see it again.
    Slade Ross

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