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Guns and shooting training piece up at Guns & Patriots

I wrote a short piece about firearms coach Ed Chavez a couple weeks ago. An expanded version is now up in the Guns&Patriots section at Human Events. Advertisements

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Liberals crossing Canadian border raising concerns

Found this article (wink wink) in an airplane forum I frequent. It, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, was too good not to pass along: Allegedly from The Manitoba Herald The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada … Continue reading

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Arizonans celebrate McCain’s loss of immigration reform leadership

          Washington Examiner columnist Linda Chavez bemoans John McCain’s campaign tactics which mean the Arizona senator will no longer be a leader in the overhaul of the nation’s “broken immigration” system.           Those of us who, like Chavez, believe the … Continue reading

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NRA, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining

            The National Rifle Association’s Executive Director Chris W. Cox begins September’s American Rifleman political report quoting Harry Truman who once said that politicians seeking a friend in Washington, D.C. should get a dog.             I would suggest to Mr. … Continue reading

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Blogging in support of law enforcement

            Being somewhat new to the blogging game, yet cognizant of how much effort is required to present original and interesting material; it is refreshing to find another channel in the blogosphere with a completely different approach.             Such is … Continue reading

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No honor restored, no dream reclaimed

            A number of acquaintances are heading to Washington, D.C., the last weekend of August and I would really like to be there too. It’s the 47th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., … Continue reading

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UBC Rally on the Border story and photos up at Human Events

            There is never enough space to report everything that is said and done at political events. Thanks to my friends at Human Events, the favorite Washington newspaper of President Ronald Reagan, some of what was said and seen at … Continue reading

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