Tactical shotgun story

One of things I’ve done recently during my hiatus from the Internet was to attend a tactical shotgun training course taught by Ed Chavez of R&A Tactical in Tucson. It was an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

Here’s a link to the story on the Guns&Patriots section on the Human Events website. R&A Tactical is located at 6811 No. Thornydale, Suite 155, Ph. (520) 408-8223.

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Tanker 121 lurks at the Gulch

This PB4Y, formerly known around the slurry tanker business as Hawkins&Powers Aviation’s Tanker 121, is now parked at the Casa Grande Airport in Arizona.

In years gone by, I pumped a fair amount of gas, oil and fire-retardent slurry into this airplane, but a good friend of mine flew this airplane for H&P. He may want to leave some comments about his experiences … perhaps including how the airplane acquired the polka-dots on silver paint job it formerly sported.

The airplane, the Navy version of the B-24 bomber, now belongs to an organization that intends to restore the aircraft as a warbird.

Plenty of rivets holding this airplane together. My pilot friend knows when and where a number of them were replaced.

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Repubs win big nationwide with a few tough losses

With the clock nearing 1 a.m. on November 3, Arizona’s conservatives have good reason to celebrate the election’s results from both the local and the national results.

In Pinal County where I reside there was a clean sweep by Republican candidates. An election celebration party at Santan Flats hosted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, the sheriff called the results “a landside election” and held out hope that the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the slim lead Democrats managed to hold in the Senate will be the harbinger of change in the federal war on Arizona.

Sheriff Babeu was joined on the stage by Republican winners and office holders Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn, new electees State Senator Steve Smith, State Rep. John Fillmore, Superior Court Judge Daniel Washburn, Superior Court Clerk Chad Roche, Justice of the Peace Shaun Babeu, Pinal County Constable Jack McClaren, and Pinal County GOP Chairman Marty Hermanson.

“I need a broom,” McClaren said of the county results. “Tonight was a sweep.”

"We're not going tolet you down," newly elected Arizona State Sen. Steve Smith promised the celebratory crowd at Santan Flats.

Flanked by other Republican winners and brother Sheriff Paul Babeu, Shaun Babeu thanks his family, God and the voters for his win of the Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace race.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu enlists the aid other Republican officials and new electees to draw the names of the five winners of a dinner for four at Santan Flats, a round of golf for four, a Remingtom 1100 12-gauge shotgun, a weatherby Vanguard 30-06 rifle and a Les Baer custom 1911 .45 caliber pistol auctioned off to raise money for Pinal Sheriff's anti-smuggling and illegal immigration squad that was tentatively approved by the Board of Supervisors.

 State-wide, there were a couple upsets and the night ended with two House seats too close to call. Despite the hint of scandal tainting first time Republican candidate Ben Quayle, he defeated his challenger John Hulburd to hold on to the Dist. 3 seat vacated by Rep. Flake’s retirement. Paul Gosar defeated Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick for the Dist. 23 House seat, and David Schwiekert defeated Democrat Harry Mitchell in Dist. 5.

The two relative unknown challengers in Districts 7 and 8, rocket scientist Ruth McClung vs. Raul Grijalva and Jesse Kelly vs. Gabrielle Giffords, had the Republican challengers trailing close behind against the incumbent Democrats in races too close to call.

Considering the stakes, we can only hope that election officials will be taking a good, hard look at those ballots. Allegations have been flying about voter fraud in both those close districts and Grijalva, less so than Giffords, has a reputation for playing dirty when the chips are down. Rightly so, neither McClung nor Kelly has conceded.

In other states, Sharon Angle failed to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Likewise, Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell lost to Dem Chris Coons. Those defeats were predictable after the media smear campaign against O’Donnell and the Tea Party’s endorsement of the weaker of two candidates to challenge Reid. I predicted Angle’s defeat the day after the Tea Party rally in Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada last spring. Sue Lowden had a better chance of defeating Reid.

Despite those two losses and the unknown results of the two House seats in Arizona, those Democrats felt the cold fingers of narrowly averted defeats.

Republicans couldn’t win all the elections yesterday, but voters clearly repudiated the Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Reid agenda sending a clear message that we who agreed to be governed will no longer tolerate the underhanded and partisan power grabbing and unconstitutional passage of legislation like Obamacare health reforms.

While celebrating with Republican winners at Santan Flats, an apologist talking head for the Democratic Party whose name I failed to catch said he “hoped for a conciliatory attitude” from the new Republican House majority. Fat chance pal. Let me quote former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“We won. Get over it.”

At last check, Republican picked up 60 seats in the House making it 232 Repubs to 168 Dems. In the Senate the Dems held 49 seats to the Repub’s 47. There are two races undecided at this time and two Independents who usually, but not always side with the Democrats.

In Alaska, write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski appears to have beaten the Republican Party Candidate Joe Miller. I have yet to decide whether that speaks more about the desperation of ousted incumbent Murkowski or the wishes of Alaskan voters up there in America’s Last Frontier. I suspect Murkowski will be treated as a bit of a pariah when the new members of Congress are sworn in and the 112th Congress gets to work. Murkowski got what she wanted, but it’s a pyrrhic victory she may well come to regret.

As a conservative I take comfort from the fact that we won a lot of races and only lost a few. What is important now is that the momentum generated by the Tea Parties and millions of conservatives and Independents not be allowed to subside. This midterm election was a major step toward setting this country back on its course as the greatest nation on the planet, but the battle for truth, justice and the American way will not be won until Obama is voted out of office in 2012. This battle has been won,but the war is not over yet.

I believe that millions of Americans share the good feeling I experienced while walking out of the voting booth today. It has been too long since I felt good about the results of a major election instead of experiencing the sour taste of choosing between the lesser of two evils on the ballot.

It’s morning in America again—and it feels great.

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Election Day is almost over

It is still too early to claim great gains for conservatives on this Election Day, but there appears to be some reason to feel encouraged.

I arrived at my polling place, Precinct 20 in Pinal County, Arizona, around 3 p.m., to see this.

Arizona is one of the states where voters wearing Tea Party T-shirts were not allowed to vote in the primary election. A court ruling declared that the Tea Party is not a formal political party and T-shirts that did not endorse a specific candidate could not be barred by election officials.

Now, I believe the election official who barred the woman from her polling place because of her Tea Party T-shirt was a horse’s ass who should have been forced to pay the full legal costs of the court case required to over-rule the idiotic decision by a part-time election worker.

I also believe that the car with the Obama/Biden sticker on the rear window parked a mere 15 feet from the door to the polling place was blatantly in violation of the no campaigning rule within 75-feet of a polling place. Admittedly, Pinal County’s Precinct 20 in Randolph, Arizona (a place where the streets are named for Malcolm X and other 60’s radicals) is heavily Democratic, but that is no excuse for ignoring the rules.

Monitoring various websites and news stations, it appears that voter turnout, including early voters, is heavier than expected on the West Coast and the Midwest, but many Democrats back east apparently surrendered early and did not bother to vote.

At my polling place, poll workers told me that there are 778 registered voters. By 3 p.m. today they had recorded just over 100 ballots with 4 provisional ballots cast on top of the 370 early voter ballots that had come in. That’s better than a 50 percent voter turnout with four hours to go until the polls close and at least a dozen more voters arrived while I was at the poll. In comparison to past elections, that’s a heck of a good turnout in this precinct. Hopefully, those numbers will be bear out for the entire state.

The question remains about once the ballot counting is done and recounts start in the close races, what are the authorities in the various states and the District of Columbia going to do about the allegations and demonstrated examples of voter fraud and ballot manipulation going on.

As Americans we must all stand united and demand that our government representatives and law enforcement agencies go after each and every campaign found guilty of engaging in voter shenanigans and fraud. Tarring and feathering them all before riding them out of town on a rail might be fun, but the maximum prison sentences and fines, along with a lifetime prohibition on participating in any future elections is in order.

Regardless of which party is affected, allowing even one election to be stolen in this midterm, or any of the elections in the years to come must not be allowed. This is one case where zero tolerance should be the gold standard.

Now get out there and vote before the polls close. We’re counting on you!

For campaign result updates on into the wee hours of the morning, I recommend R. Stacy and Smitty at The Other McCain blog.

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Grijalva HQ evacuated. Tea Party blamed.

Earlier today the Tucson campaign headquarters of Rep. Raul Grijalva was evacuated after a suspicious package with swastikas on the envelope was opened and found to contain an (according to TPD) “unknown powdery substance,” possibly toxic. No one was injured.

Since the USPS mail was involved, federal authorities will be investigating the crime. The finger of blame is pointed at those raaaaacist tea partiers by Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers, but investigators would be criminally short-sighted not to devote an equal amount of scrutiny to the Grijalva campaign staff and workers. I’m not making any accusations … I’m just sayin’.

Its late in a campaign that suddenly became a possible loss to a formerly safe re-election for Grijalva. The gloves are off on dirty campaign tricks since Grijalva got back from his California fund raising trip.

Tucson Tea Party organizer Trent Humphries said, “I have to say it’s really interesting that when Democrats are most in trouble, something like this always happens.”

Vote for the rocket scientist, Ruth McClung.

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How many elections will courts decide instead of the voters?

With just more than two weeks to go until the election there is cause for concern about an issue that is not being openly talked about, yet. This election has more to-close-to-call races going against ensconced incumbents than ever before. Those incumbents their party believed unbeatable are desperate. There should be great concern about and plans to vigorously challenge any elections stolen by voter fraud.

When the recounts on close vote tallies start, the same people and organizations that went all out for their candidates must be prepared to get involved into the legal challenges with the same enthusiasm and gusto they demonstrated during the campaigns.

Voter registration rolls across the country have not been reviewed, absentee ballots for military personnel were delayed, or not shipped to overseas posts either by incompetence or purposely. It’s frustrating to watch more and more elections being settled by the courts after the voters have spoken. It would seem the courts and the people do not speak the same language.

Voter fraud has been a factor in every big election since John Kennedy beat Richard Nixon. Al Gore challenged the Florida vote count that generated a soap opera of shenanigans surrounding recounts, hanging chads, voter ignorance and court rulings that were nothing short of evidence that George W. Bush’s opponents intended to eventually adjust the ballot count to satisfy Gore’s faction. The Supreme Court, in a ruling a lawyer described to me as “The right and correct ruling for all the wrong legal reasons,” is still being called a stolen election by the party that has the most to lose on November 2nd.

Minnesota’s Sen. Al Franken was sworn into office after a circus of election and court rulings adjusted the vote count between Franken and Republican Norm Coleman. That election was critical to maintaining a Democratic majority in the Senate, but recent evidence appears to show conclusively that voter fraud gave the former Saturday Night Live buffoon the win. Isn’t that just hilarious?

Elections have been stolen and voter fraud has become a huge factor in our elections. Judging by the Department of Justice’s handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation, it doesn’t require paranoia or extreme views to believe the DOJ has more interest in seeing state laws on illegal immigration and marijuana challenged than fraudulent voters, questionable ballot counts and stolen elections.

Voter fraud and election manipulation have been allowed to become part of the American election game and this election is the perfect opportunity to see the perpetrators and influence peddlers revealed and prosecuted to the full extent of the law regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or political party.

Earlier today, Sarah Palin reminded us that, “It ain’t over until it’s over.” It’s good advice to keep in mind because there are going to be a number of races this year that won’t be over on November 3rd and the second round in the fight for victory in some of those elections will just be starting.


Imagine my surprise at finding Jay Weiner’s piece in today’s Washington Post titled, “In every election season, there’s a recount. Lessons from Bush and Franken.”

Unfortunately, Weiner promotes the myth that Bush stole the 2000 election and Franken won fair and square when it is obvious to Americans that both those elections were dirty and fraud tainted. It hasn’t been talked about very much, but you can bet your voter registration card that plans are in the works to steal more than one of these close races.

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Grijalva helped Code Pink deliver aid to Iraqi insurgents

Ruth McClung’s opponent for the Arizona District 3 House of Representatives seat not only betrayed his state, Raul Grijalva helped secure approval for Code Pink to deliver $600,000 in cash and supplies to Iraqi insurgents fighting American forces.

“Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) along with Representatives Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Henry Waxman (D-CA) secured diplomatic courtesy letters that allowed anti-American Code Pink activists to travel to Fallujah, Iraq. The radicals traveled to Fallujah in late 2004 to donate $600,000 worth of humanitarian aid to the people who had just killed 51 Americans and wounded 560 more earlier that month.

The 2007 movie Meeting Resistance, which was filmed in Iraq around the same time as Code Pink’s aid to the terrorists in Fallujah, documented how the families of the “other side” in Iraq acted as couriers for the terrorists.”

Read Jim Hoft’s report at Breitbart.com for the whole story. Aiding and abetting the enemy on top of Grijalva’s boycott calls coupled with his voting record in Congress is reason aplenty to vote him out of office November 2nd.


A measure of the Grijalva campaign’s deperation shows in Mona Grijalva’s blog post playing the race card to smear McClung.

“They already have horrible, biggoted anti-Raul commercials on TV! They have already mailed anti-Raul flyers to thousands of homes in CD7! They had folks waving anti-Raul signs at moving traffic while screaming racist epithets in several areas of town last week!!”

 Publiuspundit has the link to the McClung campaign’s Goodbye Grijalva moneybomb site asking for donations to her campaign to rid Arizona of the blight this boycotting traitor represents.

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