NRA Reid endorsement a sell-out of the membership

          The National Rifle Association is about to toss a bone to Sen. Harry Reid, (D-Nev.), by endorsing the Senate Majority Leader for re-election.

          Erik Ericson at Redstate has the details of Sen. Harry Reid’s voting record on gun rights legislation, the  NRA”s illegal carve-out in the DISCLOSE Act and the NRA gag order on its executive committee. His blog is worth taking a look at.

          NRA members need to make clear to the NRA leaders that endorsing Reid is not in the best interests of gun owners or the nation in general. If the NRA endorses Reid, I intend to cancel my NRA membership and stick with the Gun Owners of America.

          GOA has our backs while the NRA has, once again, lost sight of its members desires. Many of us walked away from the NRA in disgust over the “jack-booted thugs” scandal. It may be time to remind the NRA that as armed Americans, we have a choice and we vote with our wallets.


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