Robert M. Engstrom is an award-winning free-lance journalist and former contributor to Human Events, The Santa Barbara News-Press, and The Dakota Beacon.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, he holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with honors. He was an editor for The Tombstone Epitaph, and owner/editor, reporter and photographer for The Casas Adobes Courier in Tucson.

A resident of Arizona who lived in the Florence area from 1975 until 2011, before moving back to North Dakota. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., and grew up in Wahpeton, N.D.

As a professional aviator, he has more than 14,000 hours flight time in fixed-wing airplane types ranging from Piper J-3s to Douglas DC-3s, and a variety of turbo-prop aircraft. His flight experience includes research and development flying for geophysical surveys, parachute testing, military and civilian skydiving and parachute training, and television and movie work.

2 Responses to About

  1. Sandra Medlock Ramey says:

    Yo Zing – I have the original negative for this Pic of you in the Skydive AZ DC-3 taken at Coolidge back in the 80’s! Contact me if you want it…It would make a great post print. Nice to see you actually liked it enough to put into your blog. I vaguely remember giving you a print… BSBD – “Sandra” https://www.facebook.com/sandra.ramey?ref=bookmarks

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