Robert M. Engstrom is an award-winning free-lance journalist and regular contributor to Human Events, The Santa Barbara News-Press, and The Dakota Beacon.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, he holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with honors. He was an editor for The Tombstone Epitaph, and owner/editor, reporter and photographer for The Casas Adobes Courier in Tucson.

A resident of Arizona living in the Florence area since 1975, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., and grew up in Wahpeton, No. Dak.

As a professional aviator, he has more than 14,000 hours flight time in fixed-wing airplane types ranging from Piper J-3s to Douglas DC-3s, and a variety of turbo-prop aircraft. His flight experience includes research and development flying for geophysical surveys, parachute testing, military and civilian skydiving and parachute training, and television and movie work.


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  1. Joy Putnam says:

    I have developed a list which I would like you to reference or post on your site if at all possible. It shows all of the opponents of the 219 House Dems who voted in March 2010 to pass Obamacare by listing the House Dems by state, district, general geographic area of district, and membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. This list is currently posted on the following website which you may want to link to:


    The Docs4PC website also has an interesting WSJ article written by a doctor to his patients, “Dear Patients — please vote to repeal Obamacare”. By the way, I am not a doctor nor am I employed in the healthcare field — only a patient interested in preserving our country and our health care.

    If you would like me to forward a copy of the list in a PDF or EXCEL format which you can change in any way you wish to fit your purposes, please let me know asap — we only have 18 more days until the election. Hopefully, this list will encourage people to contribute to or vote for the opponents!

    Joy Putnam

    If you are asking why I’m doing this, I wrote to all of the Democrats asking them to vote against Obamacare. I pointed out that Obamacare was a massive entitlement program that would completely destroy this country economically — especially in view of the Government’s historic record of mismanaging Social Security and Medicare. My biggest objection, however, is my resentment of Big Government taking over 1/6 of our nation’s economy. That is socialism! I vowed I would fight Obamacare until the day I die. This message is a continuation of my battle.

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