Making a comeback

It’s been years since I updated anything on this blog and its time to start posting some stuff again. I’m now mostly retired from journalism, so the tone and subject matter written about will change. I’ve deleted quite a few articles that had become outdated with the passage of time, but left a number of them in place for various reasons.

I had stopped flying for several years, but started up again four years ago when Skydive Fargo needed a pilot. At present, I’m not flying because I was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago and surrendered my medical certificate when I began treatment. I was lucky and pronounced cancer-free last November thanks to an excellent team of doctors and nurses at the Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center. Currently, I’m working with the F.A.A. to get my medical reinstated.

So, what will I be writing about … well, could be almost anything and I can’t say how often new posts will appear other than whenever the fancy strikes to hammer on the keyboard when some notion catches my attention. Hope you’ll enjoy the new Zingstrom’s Blog.


About zingstrom

Journalist, free-lance writer, photographer and aviator.
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