Curses, foiled again!

          My grassroots attempt to get Human Events’ White House correspondent and friend John Gizzi the front-row seat in the White House Briefing room was foiled when National Public Radio got the nod from the WH Correspondent Association instead.

            Kudos to the several hundred who clicked the link on this blog to nominate Gizzi. It was worth the shot and he would have been a great choice. In consolation, Fox News also moved up to the front row where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs can continue to ignore the network President Barack Obama has chosen to feud with.

            Helen Thomas, who was forced to vacate the center front-row seat over anti-Semitic remarks, received a consolation prize for her pending 90th birthday. The Arab American Museum in Dearborn, Michigan plans a bronze statue of the woman with impressive journalistic accomplishments. When I met Thomas, she offered good advice, “Never stop learning,” but I got more and better advice from Gizzi.


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