Do wimpy sanctions make an Israeli attack likely?

United Nations sanctions, already too late and too soft, coupled with President Barack Obama’s attempt to weaken sanctions against Iran being debated in Congress mean an Israeli attack is coming.

Saudi Arabia appears to be giving up on Obama’s diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear armament program. According to this report, Saudi airspace could be opened to let Israeli airplanes through to attack Iran.

Iran’s leadership rattles their sabers and promises to destroy Israel–wipe it off the map. North Korea’s madman dictator hides behind China’s protection and threatens all-out war on the Korean peninsula.

Between Islamic terrorists, Korea and Iran there is a bidding war on as to who will start a third world war, and which continent will host the start of hostilities. Obama’s open hand diplomacy is a failure that has been met with clenched fists.

Here is the latest threat from the regime of North Korea’s madman leader. Fifty-plus years of North Korean attempts to become an influential world power have resulted in an ailing dictator willing to cement his legacy by kindling a world war.

This thought-provoking piece contrasts North Korea’s current state with President Obama’s brand of progressive socialism. Americans have good reason to afraid, very afraid.


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