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Dave’s Contract With Congress a better alternative to the Contract From America

Over the past year the Contract From America has gotten little attention and is pretty much viewed by voters as not worth the paper to print it. An alternative is Dave’s Contract with Congress that has real teeth and could … Continue reading

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Its time for term limits

It’s Time For Term Limits             Term limits were included in the nation’s Articles of Confederation, but dropped from the language of the Constitution. The members of the Continental Congress felt their inclusion was too much micro-management for the explicit, … Continue reading


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More on term limits

As Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown said in his victory speech on January 19, the American people are frustrated by a government that has become aloof to the voices of their constituents, and we can do better. Term limits will improve … Continue reading

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Term limits; a way to fix our federal government

A majority of Americans believe that term limits for federally-elected officials is the right way to reform government. Term limits are a national issue best dealt with through a Constitutional Amendment promoted by the grassroots voices that are not being … Continue reading

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