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Stephen Colbert: The Congress and the jester

Stephen Colbert, the conservative comedic news commentary guy from the Comedy Channel’s Colbert Report made a mockery of the United States Congress. During contrived testimony before a House immigration subcommittee most people never knew existed, Colbert departed from his prepared … Continue reading


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Border security does not require unmanned drones and high technology

A story in Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star details a court ruling overturning a conviction for littering against a member of a group placing water jugs in the desert for border crossers. More than 2,000 bodies of illegal immigrants, most, but … Continue reading

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A musical interlude courtesy of Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens is known for his quirky ballads and humorous dittys. I’m told be a couple amateur musicians that he’s a darn good guitar player. His latest music video, God Save Arizona, is on a more serious note, but the guitar … Continue reading

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A few photos from the Border Rally

More to come later after I recover from the heat and sunburn of Sunday’s border rally, but I did stop by the old office and a sarsaparilla at Big Nose Kates.

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Outrageous photos from an anti-SB 1070 rally

These photos were sent to me by a good friend who served proudly under the American flag. These types of insults say more about the content of the perpetrators’ character than they do about the SB 1070 controversy. The commentary … Continue reading

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Why are neo-Nazis doing the federal government’s job in Arizona?

            Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu admits that parts of Arizona have been surrendered to Mexican smuggling cartels. Babeu’s request for additional aid from the federal government has gone largely ignored for political reasons. The danger to American and Mexican … Continue reading

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Illegal immigrant gangs in the USA

Newsmax columnist James Walsh clearly understands the danger of an insecure national border and the consequences that are spreading across the nation. Follow this link to read his revealing column. http://www.newsmax.com/JamesWalsh/Hispanic-gangs-illegal-immigrants/2010/06/07/id/361237 His bio can be found here. http://www.newsmax.com/blogs/JamesWalsh/bio-63 UPDATE Once … Continue reading

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Interesting photos from Phoenix rally

The numbers attending rallies in Phoenix, both pro and con on SB-1070, might just make the Arizona boycott ineffectual. This blog shows one side of the rallies. http://americanpowerblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/phoenix-rising-for-sb-1070-at-arizona.html

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