Is Grijalva scared about losing on November 2?

Blog etiquette suggests fellow bloggers link to important posts we find on other blogs, but R. Stacy McCain’s latest post on the District 7 race between Republican rocket scientist Ruth McClung and Democratic Congressional progressive caucus chairman Raul Grijalva is too good not to show in its entirety.

‘We’ve Got Grijalva Scared to Death’

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This video was recorded nine days ago, when everybody’s favorite rocket scientist, Ruth McClung, was just beginning her surge in Arizona’s 7th District:

If Grijalva was scared to death before, he’s positively mortified since Sarah Palin endorsed Ruth yesterday. Today I got this e-mail from Democracy for America, the “progressive” group founded by Howard Dean:

Robert –
We’ve already told you that Wall Street has set its sights on defeating Progressive Hero Raul Grijalva. Yesterday, Sarah Palin joined in on the act and announced her endorsement for Raul’s Republican opponent.
Corporations can spend unlimited money, right-wing groups like the Chamber of Commerce aren’t worried about their public reputation, and Sarah Palin has nothing to lose by going after the leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
They will spend millions and go all out to win — the good news is we’re going to beat them. We’ve got you.
People power is the only thing that can beat big corporate money — it’s the only thing that ever has and it’s the only thing that ever will. There is nothing more effective than talking directly to a voter.
That’s why we’ve launched our Call Out The Vote campaign with our friends at the PCCC. Together, we’re going to make 500,000 calls to voters in swing districts where there are progressives on the ballot. But we need your help to do it. Will you sign up to volunteer and start making calls to voters in Raul’s district right now? . . .
So far this month, we’ve made 117,135 calls for endorsed candidates across the country. That’s an amazing number of calls and it’s exactly the sort of people power we need to beat back the millions of dollars that big banks, insurance companies and Wall Street are spending to elect right-wing Republicans across the country.
We have two choices. We can choose to do nothing and let Teabagger candidates and corporate sellouts win the House of Representatives and push an agenda that would make Dick Cheney blush. Or we can roll up our sleeves and elect the bold progressives we need to maintain a leaner, meaner majority in the House — one where progressive leaders like Grijalva and Grayson make the difference between victory and defeat.
I know what I’m going to do. Join me and thousands of others across the country — sign up to make calls now. . . .
We’re calling five days a week for these last few weeks of the campaign, so sign up to make calls now or find a time that works for you.
Thank you for everything you do.

Nick Passanante, Deputy Field Director
Democracy for America

So you see how DFA is asking their “progressive” supporters to donate money and make phone calls to help Raul Grijalva beat Ruth McClung. What are you doing to help Ruth McClung win? Can’t you give her $20?

The Hill today said of McClung’s challenge: “Even liberal Democrats from normally safe districts are embroiled in tough reelection races this cycle.” VodkaPundit says it shows, “Dems just can’t catch a break this time around.” This is a winnable race between an excellent Republican and one of the worst Democrats in Congress.

Because Once Sean Bielat Builds Ace’s Robot,
She’ll Build the Rocket to Send It to Space

Yep, I think Grijalva is scared. You’ll have to got to The Other McCain to see the video.

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Pink and the National Football League

I’m a fairly hard-core NFL football fan and I feel I must proclaim that there is something fundamentally wrong with professional football players wearing pink accessories with their team uniform colors.

Don’t get me wrong, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is a cause worthy of support that has saved the lives of uncounted women (and men) who developed breast cancer. Pink is their color. You see a crowd of adults in pink t-shirts somewhere and you think “Breast Cancer Awareness.”

I participated in several Susan G. Komen Jump for the Cause skydiving events flying airplanes for the women trying to set new world-records for women skydivers and raise funds for the foundation. “Save the Boobies” became the rallying slogan. Who could argue with that? Not me!

And where cancer is concerned, what better marketing device is there than boobies? Boobies are cute—boobies are distinctive, and everyone likes boobies. Guys like them, girls like them, my gay brother appreciates a nice set of boobies. One could hardly ask for a more universally appreciated marketing hook to get people talking about and doing something to cure cancer. But cancer doesn’t limit itself to boobies.

I guess watching Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings getting trounced by the New York Jets is fueling this particular rant, but I do have a point to make. The pink shoes and towels and chin cups and sweat bands are distracting. I’m surprised the defensive coaches even allow linemen to wear pink gloves. More than one holding and pass interference flag got tossed over the weekend because the neon pink gloves betrayed a foul that might have slipped by a referee except for the high-contrast apparel. Pink penalty flags might work, but pink just isn’t an NFL Football color.

There is great risk that I shall be accused of misogyny or of having a macho jock attitude for writing this post. To accuse me so would be unjust. I am simply not those things and those who know me would confirm my declaration, but I may not be fully channeling my sensitive feminine side while watching football.

I grew up watching NFL Football with my mom and dad. Several times every season we drove hundreds of miles to see the Vikings play at the old Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis, or over to Wisconsin to see the Green Bay Packers. No one in my family, including me, has ever been able to quote team statistics or obscure football trivia, but we enjoy watching a good game. For years after I moved to the Southwest and before my father retired from medicine, he would schedule his ongoing medical education classes in Phoenix, Las Vegas or San Diego so we could get together and watch the Superbowl. We are fans, but not fanatics.

Here’s the thing; cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither should the research for cures or the fundraising for the research. But prostate glands, colons and rectums, livers and pancreases just aren’t cute like boobies. It doesn’t matter what color you associate with various internal organs where terminal cancers originate, they are not cute. Other cancerous organs don’t generate empathy like boobies do.

I know several breast cancer survivors, and a few who did not, but a number of my friends have also survived (or not) prostate, lung, liver and colo-rectal cancers. Get lung cancer and many will assume you deserved it because you smoked, and most people don’t even want to talk about prostates and colons—hell, a segment of American society was scarred for life over breakfast when Katie Couric televised her colonoscopy live after her husband died from the disease. It was for a good cause, but some publicity ploys just don’t work as well as boobies.

By all means visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation website and donate what you can to raise awareness about detecting and curing breast cancer, and do consider donating to find cures for the other kinds of cancer and how to detect them early when cures are most effective, but please—no more pink in the NFL—it just ain’t right.

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The hell with hope. Vote for change.

Jed Babbin at The American Spectator writes about unleashing every weapon in the GOP and Tea Party arsenal in the final three weeks before the November 2nd election. With so much at stake for the future of the country, this is no time to hold back.

“With Election Day fast approaching, it’s time to remind Republicans of the unused ammunition they have only three more weeks to expend. In the spirit of the Marine Corps aviators — one of whose mottos is, “never return to base with unexpended ordnance” — here are a few cases of bombs that are still hanging on the Republicans’ wings waiting to be dropped.

By the time the polls close on Election Day, Republicans should feel confident that they’ve missed no opportunity. Bombs away, folks.” 

R. Stacy McCain at The American Spectator and on his blog The Other McCain has been following a number of elections around the country. A number of Democratic held seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate were thought to be safe from conservative challengers. For that reason, those Democratic incumbents avoided the town hall meetings and campaign debates of their records and now find themselves facing possible defeats. Three of those vulnerable Dems, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick and Gifford, are here in Arizona.

“ … Sean Bielat, the young Marine officer who is challenging Barney Frank in one of the most solidly Democratic districts in the country. During his 29-year career in Congress, Frank has never faced such a formidable opponent and the surge of support for Bielat’s campaign has clearly rattled the incumbent.”

“ … the McClung campaign in AZ-7 hasn’t been on anybody’s list of Top 100 Most Winnable Seats for the GOP. So when you see polls showing a district like this neck-and-neck . . . No wonder George Soros sees a Republican “avalanche.”

Read these two articles and consider sending a few dollars to your favorite candidates, encouraging like-minded conservatives and Tea Party sympathizers to go to the polls or take advantage of the early and mail-in voting options.

This raft of vulnerable incumbents have their backs against the wall and their feet held to the fire. The are desperate and will stoop to any low, underhanded tactic to stay in power. We can stop them now and finish disposing of them in 2012.

These October surprises could turn into November victories if every voter goes all in and every candidate unleashes all their ammunition. As Babbin writes, “bombs away.”

And keep fighting, because it is only two more years until Americans send Barack Obama and his progressive, union-backed socialism packing.


The Other McCain is reporting that Sarah Palin has endorsed Ruth McClung.  Palin’s endorsement says:

“Ruth McClung is the smart choice for Congress in southwestern Arizona.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our country is on the wrong track under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; but Ruth actually is a rocket scientist! Ruth’s commonsense fiscal approach to job creation and reining in reckless government spending is in sharp contrast to her opponent’s liberal record. In fact, Ruth is running against a four term incumbent who is so out of touch that he actually called for a boycott of his own constituents. It’s simple: The people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District deserve better.  Please visit Ruth’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. . . .”

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McClung & Kelly campaigns surge as McCain meets the Tea Party

Senator John McCain, already a shoo-in for re-election to his senate seat, redeemed his reputation with Arizona Tea Party members by throwing his considerable political weight behind two unexpectedly strong conservative candidates who are within striking distance of taking two Democratic-held seats in the House of Representatives.

A featured speaker Saturday at the Tucson Tea Party rally along with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu at Hi Corbett Field, McCain lead the 4,000-plus crowd chanting “Goodbye Gabby. So long Raul.”


Goodbye Gabby, So long Raul

McCain ventured into his first Tea Party event since the primary election to support rocket scientist Ruth McClung and Marine combat veteran Jesse Kelly. Political unknowns one year ago, McClung is polling neck-and-neck against incumbent Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva in District 25 and Kelly is getting close to even in the polls against District 8 Rep. Gabriele Giffords.

District 8 Republican candidate Jesse Kelly tells the Tucson Tea Party crowd that his opponent's campaign is devoted solely to trying to smear his image because Gabby Giffords doesn't dare run on her voting record in Congress.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Congressional candidate Ruth McClung meet with supporters following speeches at Saturday's Tucson Tea Party Rally.

McClung has the formerly confidant Grijalva running scared in the closing weeks of the election. For a glimpse of just how scared Grijalva and other Democratic candidates are of their conservative opponents, check out the Twittergate scandal  over at The Other McCain. Twittergate shows the depths sleazeball professional politicians will stoop to out of desperation. It’s typical of politicians like Grijalva, the smugly entrenched goon who took months to finally realize that the economic boycott of his home state he sponsored was a major mis-step that hurt the very people who voted him into office and are now ready to vote into retirement.

And the answer to the problems with goverment in Washington, D.C. is ...

A sign of the times.

This doesn't look like the way to economic recovery to anyone else.

You know it was newsworthy event when the Vodkapundit from Pajamas Media treks out to the desert to see the action. Stephen Green described the chance encounter under the stadium between McCain and openly gay conservative talk show radio Tammy Bruce as “politely awkward.”

Stephen Green, the erudite blogger known as the Vodkapundit says his goodbyes to Tucson Tea Party organizers Trent Humphries and Kevin Herring before jetting off to his next stop on the campaign trail.

Pete Schlegel, an old acquaintance from my Tucson newspaper days and a long-time operative for the Pima County Republican Party said outside pressure from McCain’s office and the Tucson Police Department caused security concerns that banned weapons from the venue and cut the expected crowd turnout bt more than one quarter.

While the crowd greeted McCain politely and applauded his support for McClung and Kelly, it was Sheriff Joe who drew the loudest cheers from the crowd.

Arpaio lamented never having gotten an invite for a beer at the White House after the Obama administration sent a Justice Department team to investigate his department. America’s toughest sheriff called the ongoing investigation as dumb a move as Obama’s comments after a black Cambridge professor friend was arrested by a white policeman, a controversy ended by a beer summit in the Rose Garden. Arpaio said he’ll never get a White House invite because his challenge to go one-on-one against the president on the basketball court would end up in a loss for Obama. Besides, Arpaio prefers wine over beer.

On a more serious note, Arpaio said the solution to border security is “easy” and could be accomplished in 30 days through a bilateral operation by the United States and Mexico that will never happen because the politicians in Washington are too afraid of losing the Hispanic vote.

“I’m just a little old sheriff from Maricopa County. I’m the elected sheriff and I report to the people, period. That’s why I survive,” Arpaio said of the ongoing investigations that have still not resulted in any charges against Arpaio.

“I’m going to run again just to spite them,” Arpaio promised.

The Tucson Tea Party crowd's standing ovation for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu introduces Sen. John McCain.

The crowd thinned out after McCain finished speaking.

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An explanation I’m waiting for

My friend Stacy over at The Other McCain wrote this piece about trying to explain what a recession and double-dip recession are to his son during a drive home together. It’s a pretty fair layman’s explanation that delves into the devastated housing market, the economic influences on buyers, sellers and the country’s economy, and pricing.

“If I believe my 11-year-old can understand basic economics, why don’t our politicians think voters can understand?”

His concluding line above precedes the prospect that McCain will delve further into the subject this afternoon with a rundown on the negative influences of government manipulation and economic practices. I’m looking forward to this.

About the time Barack Obama was elected in 2008, my own personal finances very much resembled the nation’s financial condition. My revenues were way down, expenditures higher than income, and unexpected (medical for me as opposed to the country’s wars) bills coupled with reckless disregard for any future retirement savings meant I was in the red, just like my country.

Along came the Hope and Change brigade to the rescue. When the economy tanked again after the inauguration I listened to the advice coming from the best and brightest advisors and economists Obama set to work solving the country’s financial woes. I followed their methods and practices.

Two years in my finances are as bad as the country’s. Working as a freelance journalist I continued to spend money to make money. Revenues are down, expenditures increased despite major cutbacks on personal expenses like food, clothes, housing etc. The lavish Las Vegas vacations ended for me long before Obama became president and I reached my credit limit. I can no longer pay the rent and the credit card bills. To repay the money owed to family and friends and still pay the two unavoidable monthly payments on the income I am likely to bring in over the next few months I’ll be moving into my truck before the end of October. I’m going to become homeless before Obama—he’s got two years to go.

My personal fiscal difficulties are not the issue here. The major issue is that it comes as no surprise to me that the government’s model for fiscal responsibility doesn’t work for me or the country.

If one of the great unwashed hordes of voters like me understands this, why doesn’t our government?

Somebody has got some ‘splaining to do. Over to you, Stacy.

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“A Hundred Feet Over Hell” is a helluva good read

I recently finished reading the book A Hundred Feet Over Hell written by war correspondent Jim Hooper. It’s a good read that I recommend for the well-told flying stories and the history of these pilots. The book is recollections told by a handful of pilots who flew single-engine O-1  Cessnas (formerly designated the L-19 Birddog) over the battlefields of Vietnam in the mid-60s directing airstrikes and artillery barrages.

The author’s brother was one of those pilots flying low over firefights marking targets with smoke rockets while being shot at and hit by enemy anti-aircraft and small arms. They orbited above the action to coordinate communications with ground forces, helicopter gunships, ground and sea artillery and attack aircraft. It’s the personal story of military pilots, heroic feats in the air and the poignant, hilarious and heartbreaking events of life in a war zone.

Pilots who have flown a fair amount learn that flying is hours of boredom interspersed with a few brief seconds of excitement, near panic, even sheer terror. The Catkillers of 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company spent hours of heart-in-the-throat flying low and slow in the mountains and valleys of the DMZ and surrounding area to identify targets.

I never flew in the military, but I’ve flown everything from J-3s to DC-3s, including a little stick time in a restored O-1, which is basically a Cessna 170 with a true joystick and a Cessna 180 engine on it. I was shot at and missed twice while flying low and slow aeromagnetic surveys. My Supercub wasn’t much less bullet resistant than an O-1. It was terrifying—and I earned much better wages than the Catkillers.

A Hundred Feet Over Hell is available on the author’s website at where you can read reviews of this and other books Jim has written about his experiences as a war correspondent and photojournalist.

Take a look, and buy the book. You won’t regret it.

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Rocket scientist vs Dumbest Democrat Evah

Stupidest. Democrat. EVAH!

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“Rarely have I ever disagreed with Ann Coulter, but her pronouncement that Patty Murray is “the stupidest person in America” was simply wrong. Of course, the stupidest person in America is a Democrat but, contra Coulter, it’s not the buffoonish senator from Washington state.

No, even the astonishing stupidity of Patty Murray is no match for Rep. Raúl Grijalva, the Democrat who represents southern Arizona’s 7th District.

Remember in March when an Arizona rancher was murdered by illegal aliens?

Remember how that murder sparked a demand for SB 1070, the Arizona legislation that authorized police to inquire about the immigration status of criminal suspects?

Remember how polls showed overwhelming support for that common-sense law?

OK, if you remember all that, then you remember that the usual suspects of open-borders radicalism protested against SB 1070 and demanded boycotts of Arizona over the law. What you may not have noticed, or perhaps have forgotten, is that the 7th District Democrat called for an economic boycott of his own state:”

You can read the rest of R. Stacy McCain’s blog post at The Other McCain. It’s easy to see that the prolific poster in charge over there has fine taste in bloggers too. He selected my blog for the FMJRA Award, a coveted honor given only to those who “shamelessly link to The Other McCain in accordance with Rule 2 of How To Get A Million Hits On Your Blog.”

A mere 993,884 hits to go and I’ll have reached that lofty milestone. Meanwhile, for the benefit of Arizona, the House of Representatives and America, let all your friends and associates know about Ruth McClung and send her campaign a donation. Brains and beauty trumps buffoonery and boycotts.

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