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Dave’s Contract With Congress a better alternative to the Contract From America

Over the past year the Contract From America has gotten little attention and is pretty much viewed by voters as not worth the paper to print it. An alternative is Dave’s Contract with Congress that has real teeth and could … Continue reading

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Perspectives and contrasts

“We all had that one moment in our lives,”  David C. Dolby said about his fellow Medal of Honor awardees. Dolby got his medal for actions during one of his five tours of duty in Vietnam. He died in August. An American … Continue reading

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Time to fight a smarter war on drugs

This Washington Post story points to one of the major flaws in the United States’ war on drugs—law enforcement agents deeply involved in the smuggling business, and the enforcement agencies’ inability or refusal to crackdown on corrupt agents.  “La Estrella” … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on 9-11

Pastor Terry Jones might just have well stayed in Florida and burned his stack of Qurans. The pastor’s New York trip seeking Imam Rauf’s pledge to move the Park51 Mosque from Ground Zero in Manhattan will be a failure. The … Continue reading

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Remembering aviation heros

Battle of Britain This week marks 70 years since the German Luftwaffe came within a day of destroying Britain’s air defenses in the Battle of the Blitz. A tactical error by Nazi Herman Goering and the dogged efforts of outnumbered … Continue reading

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Border security does not require unmanned drones and high technology

A story in Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star details a court ruling overturning a conviction for littering against a member of a group placing water jugs in the desert for border crossers. More than 2,000 bodies of illegal immigrants, most, but … Continue reading

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Take care when you decide what to vote for

While walking down the street one day a U.S. senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. The Senator’s soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.   “Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before … Continue reading

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A musical interlude courtesy of Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens is known for his quirky ballads and humorous dittys. I’m told be a couple amateur musicians that he’s a darn good guitar player. His latest music video, God Save Arizona, is on a more serious note, but the guitar … Continue reading

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Guns and shooting training piece up at Guns & Patriots

I wrote a short piece about firearms coach Ed Chavez a couple weeks ago. An expanded version is now up in the Guns&Patriots section at Human Events.

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Liberals crossing Canadian border raising concerns

Found this article (wink wink) in an airplane forum I frequent. It, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, was too good not to pass along: Allegedly from The Manitoba Herald The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada … Continue reading

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