Repubs win big nationwide with a few tough losses

With the clock nearing 1 a.m. on November 3, Arizona’s conservatives have good reason to celebrate the election’s results from both the local and the national results.

In Pinal County where I reside there was a clean sweep by Republican candidates. An election celebration party at Santan Flats hosted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, the sheriff called the results “a landside election” and held out hope that the incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the slim lead Democrats managed to hold in the Senate will be the harbinger of change in the federal war on Arizona.

Sheriff Babeu was joined on the stage by Republican winners and office holders Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn, new electees State Senator Steve Smith, State Rep. John Fillmore, Superior Court Judge Daniel Washburn, Superior Court Clerk Chad Roche, Justice of the Peace Shaun Babeu, Pinal County Constable Jack McClaren, and Pinal County GOP Chairman Marty Hermanson.

“I need a broom,” McClaren said of the county results. “Tonight was a sweep.”

"We're not going tolet you down," newly elected Arizona State Sen. Steve Smith promised the celebratory crowd at Santan Flats.

Flanked by other Republican winners and brother Sheriff Paul Babeu, Shaun Babeu thanks his family, God and the voters for his win of the Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace race.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu enlists the aid other Republican officials and new electees to draw the names of the five winners of a dinner for four at Santan Flats, a round of golf for four, a Remingtom 1100 12-gauge shotgun, a weatherby Vanguard 30-06 rifle and a Les Baer custom 1911 .45 caliber pistol auctioned off to raise money for Pinal Sheriff's anti-smuggling and illegal immigration squad that was tentatively approved by the Board of Supervisors.

 State-wide, there were a couple upsets and the night ended with two House seats too close to call. Despite the hint of scandal tainting first time Republican candidate Ben Quayle, he defeated his challenger John Hulburd to hold on to the Dist. 3 seat vacated by Rep. Flake’s retirement. Paul Gosar defeated Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick for the Dist. 23 House seat, and David Schwiekert defeated Democrat Harry Mitchell in Dist. 5.

The two relative unknown challengers in Districts 7 and 8, rocket scientist Ruth McClung vs. Raul Grijalva and Jesse Kelly vs. Gabrielle Giffords, had the Republican challengers trailing close behind against the incumbent Democrats in races too close to call.

Considering the stakes, we can only hope that election officials will be taking a good, hard look at those ballots. Allegations have been flying about voter fraud in both those close districts and Grijalva, less so than Giffords, has a reputation for playing dirty when the chips are down. Rightly so, neither McClung nor Kelly has conceded.

In other states, Sharon Angle failed to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Likewise, Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell lost to Dem Chris Coons. Those defeats were predictable after the media smear campaign against O’Donnell and the Tea Party’s endorsement of the weaker of two candidates to challenge Reid. I predicted Angle’s defeat the day after the Tea Party rally in Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada last spring. Sue Lowden had a better chance of defeating Reid.

Despite those two losses and the unknown results of the two House seats in Arizona, those Democrats felt the cold fingers of narrowly averted defeats.

Republicans couldn’t win all the elections yesterday, but voters clearly repudiated the Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Reid agenda sending a clear message that we who agreed to be governed will no longer tolerate the underhanded and partisan power grabbing and unconstitutional passage of legislation like Obamacare health reforms.

While celebrating with Republican winners at Santan Flats, an apologist talking head for the Democratic Party whose name I failed to catch said he “hoped for a conciliatory attitude” from the new Republican House majority. Fat chance pal. Let me quote former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“We won. Get over it.”

At last check, Republican picked up 60 seats in the House making it 232 Repubs to 168 Dems. In the Senate the Dems held 49 seats to the Repub’s 47. There are two races undecided at this time and two Independents who usually, but not always side with the Democrats.

In Alaska, write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski appears to have beaten the Republican Party Candidate Joe Miller. I have yet to decide whether that speaks more about the desperation of ousted incumbent Murkowski or the wishes of Alaskan voters up there in America’s Last Frontier. I suspect Murkowski will be treated as a bit of a pariah when the new members of Congress are sworn in and the 112th Congress gets to work. Murkowski got what she wanted, but it’s a pyrrhic victory she may well come to regret.

As a conservative I take comfort from the fact that we won a lot of races and only lost a few. What is important now is that the momentum generated by the Tea Parties and millions of conservatives and Independents not be allowed to subside. This midterm election was a major step toward setting this country back on its course as the greatest nation on the planet, but the battle for truth, justice and the American way will not be won until Obama is voted out of office in 2012. This battle has been won,but the war is not over yet.

I believe that millions of Americans share the good feeling I experienced while walking out of the voting booth today. It has been too long since I felt good about the results of a major election instead of experiencing the sour taste of choosing between the lesser of two evils on the ballot.

It’s morning in America again—and it feels great.


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One Response to Repubs win big nationwide with a few tough losses

  1. Leslie Mertz says:

    You’re a Republican??? What? When did that happen?

    Just jokin’. Good to talk with you last night. Take care and more later.


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