Election Day is almost over

It is still too early to claim great gains for conservatives on this Election Day, but there appears to be some reason to feel encouraged.

I arrived at my polling place, Precinct 20 in Pinal County, Arizona, around 3 p.m., to see this.

Arizona is one of the states where voters wearing Tea Party T-shirts were not allowed to vote in the primary election. A court ruling declared that the Tea Party is not a formal political party and T-shirts that did not endorse a specific candidate could not be barred by election officials.

Now, I believe the election official who barred the woman from her polling place because of her Tea Party T-shirt was a horse’s ass who should have been forced to pay the full legal costs of the court case required to over-rule the idiotic decision by a part-time election worker.

I also believe that the car with the Obama/Biden sticker on the rear window parked a mere 15 feet from the door to the polling place was blatantly in violation of the no campaigning rule within 75-feet of a polling place. Admittedly, Pinal County’s Precinct 20 in Randolph, Arizona (a place where the streets are named for Malcolm X and other 60’s radicals) is heavily Democratic, but that is no excuse for ignoring the rules.

Monitoring various websites and news stations, it appears that voter turnout, including early voters, is heavier than expected on the West Coast and the Midwest, but many Democrats back east apparently surrendered early and did not bother to vote.

At my polling place, poll workers told me that there are 778 registered voters. By 3 p.m. today they had recorded just over 100 ballots with 4 provisional ballots cast on top of the 370 early voter ballots that had come in. That’s better than a 50 percent voter turnout with four hours to go until the polls close and at least a dozen more voters arrived while I was at the poll. In comparison to past elections, that’s a heck of a good turnout in this precinct. Hopefully, those numbers will be bear out for the entire state.

The question remains about once the ballot counting is done and recounts start in the close races, what are the authorities in the various states and the District of Columbia going to do about the allegations and demonstrated examples of voter fraud and ballot manipulation going on.

As Americans we must all stand united and demand that our government representatives and law enforcement agencies go after each and every campaign found guilty of engaging in voter shenanigans and fraud. Tarring and feathering them all before riding them out of town on a rail might be fun, but the maximum prison sentences and fines, along with a lifetime prohibition on participating in any future elections is in order.

Regardless of which party is affected, allowing even one election to be stolen in this midterm, or any of the elections in the years to come must not be allowed. This is one case where zero tolerance should be the gold standard.

Now get out there and vote before the polls close. We’re counting on you!

For campaign result updates on into the wee hours of the morning, I recommend R. Stacy and Smitty at The Other McCain blog.


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