Grijalva HQ evacuated. Tea Party blamed.

Earlier today the Tucson campaign headquarters of Rep. Raul Grijalva was evacuated after a suspicious package with swastikas on the envelope was opened and found to contain an (according to TPD) “unknown powdery substance,” possibly toxic. No one was injured.

Since the USPS mail was involved, federal authorities will be investigating the crime. The finger of blame is pointed at those raaaaacist tea partiers by Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers, but investigators would be criminally short-sighted not to devote an equal amount of scrutiny to the Grijalva campaign staff and workers. I’m not making any accusations … I’m just sayin’.

Its late in a campaign that suddenly became a possible loss to a formerly safe re-election for Grijalva. The gloves are off on dirty campaign tricks since Grijalva got back from his California fund raising trip.

Tucson Tea Party organizer Trent Humphries said, “I have to say it’s really interesting that when Democrats are most in trouble, something like this always happens.”

Vote for the rocket scientist, Ruth McClung.


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