The hell with hope. Vote for change.

Jed Babbin at The American Spectator writes about unleashing every weapon in the GOP and Tea Party arsenal in the final three weeks before the November 2nd election. With so much at stake for the future of the country, this is no time to hold back.

“With Election Day fast approaching, it’s time to remind Republicans of the unused ammunition they have only three more weeks to expend. In the spirit of the Marine Corps aviators — one of whose mottos is, “never return to base with unexpended ordnance” — here are a few cases of bombs that are still hanging on the Republicans’ wings waiting to be dropped.

By the time the polls close on Election Day, Republicans should feel confident that they’ve missed no opportunity. Bombs away, folks.” 

R. Stacy McCain at The American Spectator and on his blog The Other McCain has been following a number of elections around the country. A number of Democratic held seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate were thought to be safe from conservative challengers. For that reason, those Democratic incumbents avoided the town hall meetings and campaign debates of their records and now find themselves facing possible defeats. Three of those vulnerable Dems, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick and Gifford, are here in Arizona.

“ … Sean Bielat, the young Marine officer who is challenging Barney Frank in one of the most solidly Democratic districts in the country. During his 29-year career in Congress, Frank has never faced such a formidable opponent and the surge of support for Bielat’s campaign has clearly rattled the incumbent.”

“ … the McClung campaign in AZ-7 hasn’t been on anybody’s list of Top 100 Most Winnable Seats for the GOP. So when you see polls showing a district like this neck-and-neck . . . No wonder George Soros sees a Republican “avalanche.”

Read these two articles and consider sending a few dollars to your favorite candidates, encouraging like-minded conservatives and Tea Party sympathizers to go to the polls or take advantage of the early and mail-in voting options.

This raft of vulnerable incumbents have their backs against the wall and their feet held to the fire. The are desperate and will stoop to any low, underhanded tactic to stay in power. We can stop them now and finish disposing of them in 2012.

These October surprises could turn into November victories if every voter goes all in and every candidate unleashes all their ammunition. As Babbin writes, “bombs away.”

And keep fighting, because it is only two more years until Americans send Barack Obama and his progressive, union-backed socialism packing.


The Other McCain is reporting that Sarah Palin has endorsed Ruth McClung.  Palin’s endorsement says:

“Ruth McClung is the smart choice for Congress in southwestern Arizona.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our country is on the wrong track under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; but Ruth actually is a rocket scientist! Ruth’s commonsense fiscal approach to job creation and reining in reckless government spending is in sharp contrast to her opponent’s liberal record. In fact, Ruth is running against a four term incumbent who is so out of touch that he actually called for a boycott of his own constituents. It’s simple: The people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District deserve better.  Please visit Ruth’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. . . .”


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