McClung & Kelly campaigns surge as McCain meets the Tea Party

Senator John McCain, already a shoo-in for re-election to his senate seat, redeemed his reputation with Arizona Tea Party members by throwing his considerable political weight behind two unexpectedly strong conservative candidates who are within striking distance of taking two Democratic-held seats in the House of Representatives.

A featured speaker Saturday at the Tucson Tea Party rally along with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu at Hi Corbett Field, McCain lead the 4,000-plus crowd chanting “Goodbye Gabby. So long Raul.”


Goodbye Gabby, So long Raul

McCain ventured into his first Tea Party event since the primary election to support rocket scientist Ruth McClung and Marine combat veteran Jesse Kelly. Political unknowns one year ago, McClung is polling neck-and-neck against incumbent Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva in District 25 and Kelly is getting close to even in the polls against District 8 Rep. Gabriele Giffords.

District 8 Republican candidate Jesse Kelly tells the Tucson Tea Party crowd that his opponent's campaign is devoted solely to trying to smear his image because Gabby Giffords doesn't dare run on her voting record in Congress.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Congressional candidate Ruth McClung meet with supporters following speeches at Saturday's Tucson Tea Party Rally.

McClung has the formerly confidant Grijalva running scared in the closing weeks of the election. For a glimpse of just how scared Grijalva and other Democratic candidates are of their conservative opponents, check out the Twittergate scandal  over at The Other McCain. Twittergate shows the depths sleazeball professional politicians will stoop to out of desperation. It’s typical of politicians like Grijalva, the smugly entrenched goon who took months to finally realize that the economic boycott of his home state he sponsored was a major mis-step that hurt the very people who voted him into office and are now ready to vote into retirement.

And the answer to the problems with goverment in Washington, D.C. is ...

A sign of the times.

This doesn't look like the way to economic recovery to anyone else.

You know it was newsworthy event when the Vodkapundit from Pajamas Media treks out to the desert to see the action. Stephen Green described the chance encounter under the stadium between McCain and openly gay conservative talk show radio Tammy Bruce as “politely awkward.”

Stephen Green, the erudite blogger known as the Vodkapundit says his goodbyes to Tucson Tea Party organizers Trent Humphries and Kevin Herring before jetting off to his next stop on the campaign trail.

Pete Schlegel, an old acquaintance from my Tucson newspaper days and a long-time operative for the Pima County Republican Party said outside pressure from McCain’s office and the Tucson Police Department caused security concerns that banned weapons from the venue and cut the expected crowd turnout bt more than one quarter.

While the crowd greeted McCain politely and applauded his support for McClung and Kelly, it was Sheriff Joe who drew the loudest cheers from the crowd.

Arpaio lamented never having gotten an invite for a beer at the White House after the Obama administration sent a Justice Department team to investigate his department. America’s toughest sheriff called the ongoing investigation as dumb a move as Obama’s comments after a black Cambridge professor friend was arrested by a white policeman, a controversy ended by a beer summit in the Rose Garden. Arpaio said he’ll never get a White House invite because his challenge to go one-on-one against the president on the basketball court would end up in a loss for Obama. Besides, Arpaio prefers wine over beer.

On a more serious note, Arpaio said the solution to border security is “easy” and could be accomplished in 30 days through a bilateral operation by the United States and Mexico that will never happen because the politicians in Washington are too afraid of losing the Hispanic vote.

“I’m just a little old sheriff from Maricopa County. I’m the elected sheriff and I report to the people, period. That’s why I survive,” Arpaio said of the ongoing investigations that have still not resulted in any charges against Arpaio.

“I’m going to run again just to spite them,” Arpaio promised.

The Tucson Tea Party crowd's standing ovation for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu introduces Sen. John McCain.

The crowd thinned out after McCain finished speaking.


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