An explanation I’m waiting for

My friend Stacy over at The Other McCain wrote this piece about trying to explain what a recession and double-dip recession are to his son during a drive home together. It’s a pretty fair layman’s explanation that delves into the devastated housing market, the economic influences on buyers, sellers and the country’s economy, and pricing.

“If I believe my 11-year-old can understand basic economics, why don’t our politicians think voters can understand?”

His concluding line above precedes the prospect that McCain will delve further into the subject this afternoon with a rundown on the negative influences of government manipulation and economic practices. I’m looking forward to this.

About the time Barack Obama was elected in 2008, my own personal finances very much resembled the nation’s financial condition. My revenues were way down, expenditures higher than income, and unexpected (medical for me as opposed to the country’s wars) bills coupled with reckless disregard for any future retirement savings meant I was in the red, just like my country.

Along came the Hope and Change brigade to the rescue. When the economy tanked again after the inauguration I listened to the advice coming from the best and brightest advisors and economists Obama set to work solving the country’s financial woes. I followed their methods and practices.

Two years in my finances are as bad as the country’s. Working as a freelance journalist I continued to spend money to make money. Revenues are down, expenditures increased despite major cutbacks on personal expenses like food, clothes, housing etc. The lavish Las Vegas vacations ended for me long before Obama became president and I reached my credit limit. I can no longer pay the rent and the credit card bills. To repay the money owed to family and friends and still pay the two unavoidable monthly payments on the income I am likely to bring in over the next few months I’ll be moving into my truck before the end of October. I’m going to become homeless before Obama—he’s got two years to go.

My personal fiscal difficulties are not the issue here. The major issue is that it comes as no surprise to me that the government’s model for fiscal responsibility doesn’t work for me or the country.

If one of the great unwashed hordes of voters like me understands this, why doesn’t our government?

Somebody has got some ‘splaining to do. Over to you, Stacy.


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