Rocket scientist vs Dumbest Democrat Evah

Stupidest. Democrat. EVAH!

Posted on | October 1, 2010 | 5 Comments

“Rarely have I ever disagreed with Ann Coulter, but her pronouncement that Patty Murray is “the stupidest person in America” was simply wrong. Of course, the stupidest person in America is a Democrat but, contra Coulter, it’s not the buffoonish senator from Washington state.

No, even the astonishing stupidity of Patty Murray is no match for Rep. Raúl Grijalva, the Democrat who represents southern Arizona’s 7th District.

Remember in March when an Arizona rancher was murdered by illegal aliens?

Remember how that murder sparked a demand for SB 1070, the Arizona legislation that authorized police to inquire about the immigration status of criminal suspects?

Remember how polls showed overwhelming support for that common-sense law?

OK, if you remember all that, then you remember that the usual suspects of open-borders radicalism protested against SB 1070 and demanded boycotts of Arizona over the law. What you may not have noticed, or perhaps have forgotten, is that the 7th District Democrat called for an economic boycott of his own state:”

You can read the rest of R. Stacy McCain’s blog post at The Other McCain. It’s easy to see that the prolific poster in charge over there has fine taste in bloggers too. He selected my blog for the FMJRA Award, a coveted honor given only to those who “shamelessly link to The Other McCain in accordance with Rule 2 of How To Get A Million Hits On Your Blog.”

A mere 993,884 hits to go and I’ll have reached that lofty milestone. Meanwhile, for the benefit of Arizona, the House of Representatives and America, let all your friends and associates know about Ruth McClung and send her campaign a donation. Brains and beauty trumps buffoonery and boycotts.


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One Response to Rocket scientist vs Dumbest Democrat Evah

  1. mcoville says:

    All though I would admit that you have nominated a good candidate for stupidest person award, I would like to nominate Alan Grayson. He may be more scumbag than stupid but his own hatred for anyone conservative or Christian has led him to sabotage his own campaign, that is pretty stupid.

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