Ruth McClung, the rocket scientist who can oust a traitor

Tea Party candidate Ruth McClung is on the cusp of pulling off a real November surprise for the Democrats and progressives ensconced in Washington, D.C. In Arizona Congressional District 7, McClung is polling a mere seven points behind the schnook who championed a boycott of the state he represents. 

R. Stacy McCain, the bodacious blogger behind The Other McCain, puts it this way; Seriously, people: This is exactly the kind of candidate we need to be supporting if we want to push back against the liberal media stereotype that Republican women are a bunch of dummies.

If you don’t give Ruth McClung $20 right now, I’m gonna tell my friend Christine O’Donnell to turn you into a newt.” 

Support McClung, and dump the progressive Grijalva and his boycotting ways. With a month to go until the election this is an opportunity that should be exploited. Grijalva and his party think he’s invulnerable, but the polls show he is in serious trouble at home and his record in the House of Representatives is dismal. 

The poll, the only one released on the district so far, shows 42 percent said they support Grijalva in the Congressional race, while 35 percent support McClung. That left 23 percent of voters undecided. The District is composed of 142,283 registered Democrats, 75,437 registered Republicans, and 103,750 independent voters.

McClung’s campaign hailed the results in a news release, saying the race is “up for grabs.”

“It’s now clear that a huge percentage of the voters in CD7 are tired of Mr. Grijalva and his antics,” she said.”


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