Perspectives and contrasts

“We all had that one moment in our lives,”  David C. Dolby said about his fellow Medal of Honor awardees.

Dolby got his medal for actions during one of his five tours of duty in Vietnam. He died in August. An American hero gone away with scarcely any note of his passing. We were getting news instead about Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and an angry flight attendant who is now unemployed. The celebrity perspective–non-stop in the media cycles. It just seems wrong.

Ted Nugent’s perspective on American priorities appeals to me. I’ve never met the man even though we’re both published by the same company. I know he’s a rock-n-roll star, but I can’t name a single tune he does. I’m not one of Uncle Nuge’s following and probably wouldn’t go to Nugent concert, but I think I’d enjoy sitting down to talk with the guy.

That’s no slam on Nugent’s musical talents. I have a tin ear that doesn’t work very well anymore after years of flying loud airplanes. My brother, an accomplished guitarist, is correct when he says I’m musically challenged. I don’t even play the radio very well.

I’d go hunting with Nugent though and shoot Bambi too, since I know the meat wouldn’t go to waste. I like hunting, but don’t particularly desire wild game for my table. It’s a thrill to stalk big game in the wilderness with a skilled hunter. The last few times I hunted, the actual shooting was anti-climatic. The real fun was getting there with good company for the hunt.

Fishing is the same way. My dad, two of my brothers and two old friends revived a traditional Canadian fishing trip we used to do regularly. Our lives got busy and we hadn’t gone fishing for 15 years. I guess we didn’t catch as many fish as on previous “tournaments.” No one caught a monster northern pike this trip, but we sure had a great time. It would probably make us cry to learn the actual cost per pound of the fish we brought back, but from my perspective, it was priceless.

I admire the work Nugent does with wounded and recovering soldiers programs. As a journalist I’ve covered a few of their events and they are inspiring men and women. The experience gives a different perspective about what matters.

It is high time Americans take a hard look at our perspectives and take steps to get them in order. It could be that one moment in our lives.


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