Young America’s Foundation, the other YAF

Quin Hillyer writes for The American Spectator about the founding, and the future, of the Young Americans for Freedom. It started 50 years ago with the Sharon Statement.

“America stands at the crossroads today,” the letter (penned in 1960) opened. “Will our nation continue to follow the path towards socialism or will we turn towards Conservatism and freedom? The final answer to this question lies with America’s youth…. An intercollegiate society for Conservative youth has been in operation for several years… in bringing about a Conservative intellectual revival on the campus. Many feel that now is the time to organize a complementary nationwide youth movement which would be designed almost solely for political action — implementing and coordinating the aspirations of Conservative youth into a dynamic and effective political force.” 

I have personal ties with the other YAF, Young America’s Foundation that formed in 1968, and treasured experiences from my National Journalism Center internships with Human Events and the Santa Barbara News-Press. I encourage any and all college students and young conservatives to look into the opportunities made possible by the other YAF and the NJC.


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