Withdrawing from the mission

Once again, Jed Babbin concisely refutes the President’s victory in Iraq statement in the Loose Cannons section of The American Spectator. The page next turned to will be a chronicle of the waste of America’s soldiers and treasures because leaders cut and ran for political reasons and refused to fight to win.

“Any war — from the Romans’ first war against Carthage to World War I to our war in Iraq — is aimed either at conquest or at ending a threat. Either way, the goal is to establish a durable peace. And wars that result in only a brief respite from conflict cannot be characterized as won.”

 American soldiers in Iraq are still engaged in combat and the death toll will increase during the year-long troop withdrawals of the remaining 50,000 soldiers. Those soldiers will be increasing isolated with diminishing support capabilities as the splintered Iraqi government falls under the influence of Iran, Syria and terrorist groups. It’s a bad prospect for the last units in line for the final withdrawal of all U.S. military forces in Iraq.

 The clock is ticking on withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan as the troop surge is only just arriving in country to push a major offensive campaign. Casualties are increasing and will continue to do so until a planned withdrawal date arrives—to soon, according to military experts and combat veterans, to defeat Al Qaeda and Taliban insurgents. And there was the matter of capturing or killing Osama bin Laden.

 Several recently returned U.S. Army officers tell me that the current Afghanistan strategy and rules of engagement put American and Coalition forces at a disadvantage against a numerically smaller and comparatively unskilled enemy. It’s a waiting game with the time to Obama’s set withdrawal measured in American lives.

 Eighteen months into his term President Barack Obama has demonstrated his inability to address and improve the economy, unemployment, the deficit, tax increases, or government spending. In fact, his major accomplishment, health care reform, negatively affects all those categories, and increases the size of government. It is then, no surprise that Obama is unprepared to lead the war effort to a durable peace. 

The difference between having an idealist, not a warrior, in the White House that wastes the war effort and the sacrifice for naught.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius concurs that the problems in Afghanistan caused by America’s war strategy must be addressed.

According to this Washington Examiner story, President Obama believes the war on terror is going to continue long after he withdraws the troops from Afghanistan, but he’ll keep the search for bin Laden going. Maybe after he’s out of office he’ll search golf courses all over the country for the rat bastard. Worked for O.J. Simpson.


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