Some thoughts on 9-11

Pastor Terry Jones might just have well stayed in Florida and burned his stack of Qurans. The pastor’s New York trip seeking Imam Rauf’s pledge to move the Park51 Mosque from Ground Zero in Manhattan will be a failure. The media storm will be just as maddening to the Islamics Jones’ doused bonfire offended. And not to worry, because several other fringe “Christian” (and I use the term skeptically) churches plan to burn Qurans anyway. 

Following the official 9-11 memorial service, also celebrated as Burn American Flags Day in some Muslim countries, there will be dueling demonstrations for and against the mosque. New York police plan to keep the groups separated by 12 city blocks. Again we have two major demonstrations in a large metropolitan capitol with all the unity shown when Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton went to Washington. 

Beck went to restore faith; Sharpton (The Reverend) to celebrate the dream of a Baptist minister, but somehow, in the name of God and honor, the two groups never got together for a little joint display of faith and memoriam. At least no violence marred the Beck/Sharpton racial spat, whereas Muslim demonstrators have already died in Pakistan before a single Quran got scorched in America. 

Obama, during Friday’s White House news conference said that Sept. 11 would be “an excellent time” for the country to reflect on the fact that there are millions of Muslim American citizens fighting in U.S. uniforms in Afghanistan. 

Obama disconnected from the underlying truth of the controversy adding “we don’t differentiate between ‘them’ and ‘us.’ It’s just ‘us.'” But some of “us” already want to kill some of “us.” The Quran burnings and Ground Zero mosque are just the latest excuse for more barbarous attacks to kill some of “us.” Just like on September 11, 2001. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said another attack could happen at any time. 

Jones’ idiocy could indeed endanger American soldiers, but so does Julian Assange’s revelations on Wikileaks. The presence of American troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia do too. The mere existence of a capitalist America makes us an abomination to some Muslims, and there is a world-wide dearth of so-called “moderate” Muslims willing to condemn the “Death to America” radicals. 

The words spoken in 2001by Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer, “Let’s Roll,” are destined to become a part of the American character just like the reply by General Anthony Clement McAuliffe to a German surrender demand at the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, “Nuts”! There are hundreds of responses by heroes facing fateful actions enshrined in the American lexicon and memorials across the land. Beamer’s words and the exploit of his fellow doomed passengers is no less inspiring. No less deserving. 

It is not in America’s nature to surrender the American dream to an enemy diametrically opposed to freedom and toleration. When that moral failure occurs, it will mark the end of the American dream. As the President said, “We are not at war with Islam,” but we are at war with Islamics bent on shedding the blood of all “infidels” deemed intolerable because their Holy Quran tells them so.


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