Arizonans celebrate McCain’s loss of immigration reform leadership

          Washington Examiner columnist Linda Chavez bemoans John McCain’s campaign tactics which mean the Arizona senator will no longer be a leader in the overhaul of the nation’s “broken immigration” system.

          Those of us who, like Chavez, believe the pork-barreling huckster and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth was a poor alternative choice, limiting what is probably McCain’s final tour of duty to foreign policy and the economy holds strong appeal.

          The task of McCain’s constituents now is to hold the senator accountable to the no amnesty and border security first positions that were the emphasis of his campaign. If, as Chavez writes, McCain’s flip-flop on immigration reform has “besmirched his honor and dignity” and transgressed his principles, then let him regain his reputation and mend fences with alienated Hispanic voters through conservative leadership on the war effort and fiscal issues.

          Chavez is correct when she opines that Arizona voters were not fooled by McCain’s campaign rhetoric, and that once the November elections are over there will be little more than lip service paid to immigration reform in Washington, D.C.

          Jobs, the economy, government expansion and out-of-control spending and the war on terror loom large in the next two years. If the Unites States becomes an economic failure overburdened by taxes, unsustainable social programs and debt, the immigration problem will solve itself. Why leave a corrupt third-world nation like Mexico only to come to a country on the verge of tearing itself apart in revolt and civil war.


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3 Responses to Arizonans celebrate McCain’s loss of immigration reform leadership

  1. Immigration says:

    Well, good thing. McCain need to retire because I think he’s a liar and one of the spineless politician.

  2. SharonLiu says:

    Good posting.

    Keep harping on the facts, which do not favor amnesty. Among many other things, illegal immigration is bankrupting our K-12 educational system:

    People say “but illegal immigrants don’t receive welfare”–well often that’s true, but *if you make them legal then they become eligible for it* — duh!

    We’re on the brink of going down the tubes a la Greece, and here we have these morons trying to make us take on 10 million new charity cases–amazing!


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