Blogging in support of law enforcement

            Being somewhat new to the blogging game, yet cognizant of how much effort is required to present original and interesting material; it is refreshing to find another channel in the blogosphere with a completely different approach.

            Such is what can be found here, but I also point my readers toward this blog because so many have inquired about how to make some small contribution to supporting Arizona’s effort to support the rule of law. For those unable to take time off from work, family, or school to attend the rallies and join the cause, the opportunity to do so can be found here—and you might decide one of these Enforce AZ / U.S. Law wristbands is the way to back Arizona and its law enforcement agencies.

“Why?  Because the Obama Administration and its allies the Mexican government and various left-wing open borders groups—do not want this country’s immigration laws enforced.  Well, Mr. President, we do! Stand with us and show your support for Arizona by purchasing an “Enforce AZ / U.S. Law” wristband and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to support Arizona in its defense of legal challenges to SB1070.”

             You can get your bracelet here and a little bit of your hard-earned money will go to supporting the SB 1070 legal defense fund, and you might find some links to explore.


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