A few photos from the Border Rally

Jerry Stein with Jean and Clair Van Steenwyk next to the tall section of border fence on Glenn Spencer's ranch.

The day before the rally this rainbow appeared over the hills in Mexico beyond the fence where groups often gather to watch the movement of Border Patrol vehicles and wait for nightfall to cross the border.

Former Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth, left, signs Arizona Tourist News publisher Tony Venuti’s scroll of appreciation that will be sent to Gov. Janet Brewer for her support of SB 1070 after a tour of Tea Party and political rallies collecting signatures.

UBC Border Rally emcee Mike Broomhead introduces three Marine moms with sons serving in Iraq who support Arizona’s SB 1070 and demands for border security. The three moms are immigrants from Mexico, Estonia and Guatemala who entered the country and applied for citizenship legally.

Anti-SB 1070 protestors tried to block the stage Sunday during Sheriff Arpaio’s introduction by senate candidate J.D. Hayworth at the United Border Coalition Rally at the Border on a Southern Arizona ranch next to the Mexican border fence.

More to come later after I recover from the heat and sunburn of Sunday’s border rally, but I did stop by the old office and a sarsaparilla at Big Nose Kates.


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    Show your support for Arizona and enforcing the immigration laws:


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