Hayworth’s “I chose lying” ad gains notice

            There’s an interesting discussion of J.D. Hayworth’s latest anti-John McCain ad going on over at The Other McCain blog site, along with the usual assortment of topics.

          I left this comment: 

“What us desert rats are facing in the McCain/Hayworth race is a repeat of the 2008 presidential campaign. There is one candidate who simply cannot win, never had a chance, and the insulting desperation of his campaign distracts from the economy, federal debt and border security.

Arizonans, given the choice of the lesser of two evils, are going to re-elect McCain. We know that as soon as he’s safe for another six years, he’ll be sliding left so fast there will be burnout tracks across the aisle, but Hayworth is a retreaded government as usual who won’t have McCain’s seniority in the Senate.

McCain has avoided the Arizona Tea Party contingents, but his support among them is still strong. When Hayworth speaks at the Tea Party rallies he generates great enthusiasm, right up to the point where he asks for donations and votes. Suddenly, only half the crowd is still cheering.

Some will vote for Jim Deakins, the unknown also-ran in this race because many Arizona Republicans are heartily sick of McCain and Hayworth attack ads. The choices are unpalatable. Deep down, we feel like we’re going to get a loser no matter who wins … and the feeling sucks. The McCain and Hayworth campaigns are putting one, possibly both, Senate Republican seats in jeopardy in the future.”


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One Response to Hayworth’s “I chose lying” ad gains notice

  1. Dave Engstrom says:

    This is where the two party system is failing us on a regular basis. You have to hold your nose and vote for the least objectionable rather than having a choice between two highly competent, “best” candidates.
    The parties are so busy with the partisan antics that they lose sight of their reason for exixtance…to provide us with the best leadership possible.
    Perhaps the parties should only be allowed to be active for the year to six month period prior to an election. And then only to identify their candidates.

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