Time to stop Wikileaks, by force if necessary

            Regarding the release of tens of thousands military document posted by Juliane Assange of Wikileaks infamy, it is indeed too late to put the genie back in the bottle, as noted by The Washington Post writer Craig Whitlock.

            There are already reports from Afghanistan that at least one village elder identified in the leaked reports has been murdered. From reading some of the reports, there are potentially hundreds more now at risk. Assange considers them merely collateral damage and is dismissive of the blood on his hands.

            Thanks to Assange, American soldiers and contractors are likely to die too. Today, the Pentagon issued a demand that Wikileaks return the 15,000 as yet undisclosed documents, as well as the 70,000 already posted. In response, Wikileaks Twitted an “Obnoxious Pentagon spokesperson issues formal threat against Wikileaks: Destroy everything or else.”

            Press Secretary Geoff Morrell called the request a “demand” and that the Pentagon expects Asange and Wikileaks “to do the right thing.”

            America’s military members, their families and millions of others, regardless of their stance on the war itself, expect the Pentagon to do the right thing too. Wikileaks engaged in espionage with the intent to conspire to damage this nation’s security, its military and the United State’s ability to wage war and aided and abetted our avowed terrorist enemy.

            Having gotten a negative response from Wikileaks to the Pentagon’s request, which took a questionable 11 days to be made after the first disclosures, the Pentagon should be given free rein to demonstrate to Assange and his co-conspirators the full obnoxiousness of the United States government and its military. Assange and company declared their own personal war against the United States and now demands that the Pentagon agree to “help” Wikileaks clean up the remaining documents prior to disclosure.

            Obviously, Assange failed to get the Pentagon’s message. Stronger words and actions are required and they should include a 24-hour timetable to fully comply with the Pentagon’s “request.” Failure to comply should result in the unleashing of the full capability of the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to stop any more leaks and punish the guilty parties—including the use of deadly force, rendition and death penalty sentences for those adjudged guilty.


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