Demi-god of demagoguery Obama strives to avoid the issue

            Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton’s partial injunction against Arizona’s SB 1070 and the Department of Justice’s successful delay of Arizona’s appeal did nothing more to defuse an already volatile situation than pouring gasoline on a fire does.

            Now our fearless community-organizer-in-chief is ducking the issue until after the November elections. He called on the country’s leaders to not “demagogue” the immigration issue. Pot, meet kettle.

            Obama says he wants to work with Arizona on the border crisis, apparently so badly that the token troop deployment to the border the president promised for August 1 has been postponed until October. In the faraway places of New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., no one gives a damn about the armed invasions by cartel smugglers, the occupied smuggling corridors and Mexican nationals manning observation outposts on American soil, the death threats against American law enforcement officers, and the constant barrage of lies and misinformation about what is really going on in the Border states.

            Arizonans, myself included, are utterly disgusted with the race-baiting and the characterization that all our cops and deputies are Nazi thugs spoiling for the opportunity to hit the streets and round up every Latino at the behest of the majority of SB 1070 supporters who are motivated only by white supremacist leanings. It just isn’t true and the critics know it.

            That didn’t stop the Service Employees International Union from releasing this blatantly disingenuous video equating SB 1070 with Jim Crow era racism, Jew filled cattle cars transporting Holocaust victims to Hitler’s Final Solution destinations and the Japanese internment camps ordered by the hero of social progressivism Franklin Delano Roosevelt. No demagoguery there, says blogger Liberty Chick.

            None at all by Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson either. Robinson isn’t bothered by a little thing like facts when he distorts the truth in an impassioned attack on Arizona, as noted by John Rosenberg. Despite his disregard for the truth, the plural of anecdote is not data and Robinson needs to take off his Obama-is-my-savior blinders if he expects his occasionally valid criticisms to carry any credibility.

            Take your own advice Mr. President, stop the demagoguery and work with Arizona for the sake of the nation. In the words of Democratic operative James Carville, “people are about to die down here.”


            Newsweek has former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano defending the Obama Administration’s stance on immigration seen through the lens of her current postition as the head of the Homeland Security Administration.

            Tobin Harshaw’s opinion piece for The New York Times offers legal analyses of Judge Bolton’s ruling both pro and con, the  political motivations influencing the court case, and Jesse Jackson’s revelation for the root cause of the illegal immigration debate.


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