At least he didn’t execute the team

          The Poor Sport of the Year Award goes to North Korea’s madman, the little dictator Kim Jung Il, his sons and the heir apparent.

            Playing in their first (ho-hum) World Cup Soccer Tournament in decades, a team heavily guarded to prevent defections had a hired Chinese cheering section in the stands for their three losses. North Korea blocked the live broadcasts of the first two games from the home fans.

            In the second game, the North Koreans lost to Brazil, 2-1, but played impressively enough that the little dictators allowed home fans to see the third game against Portugal live and in color.

            The game was an embarrassing shellacking for the team, but nothing compared with the public six-hour humiliation they were forced to attend upon their return home. The coach was thrown out of the sport for the teams “betrayal” of the dictator and the country.

            For his sportsmanship and dedication to the development of innovative athletic motivation methods, Kim Jung Il edges out the two clowns waving Mexican flags who disrupted the DiamondBacks/Mets game at Citi Field for the award. Keep yer damn politics out of sports.


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