Judge Bolton rules on SB 1070

            The most recent SB 1070 skirmish in the war between the Obama Administration and the state of Arizona concluded with a federal judge ruling both sides are proclaiming as a partial victory.

            Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling released one day prior to the state implementing SB 1070 contains few surprises, but guarantees this fight is likely to end in the Supreme Court of the United States.

            The full text of Judge Bolton’s ruling can be seen here.

            The Other McCain was quick with a few pithy comments on the ruling and a legal analysis by Prof. William Jacobson.

A Fox News column by Dr. Manny Alvarez suggests the United States is losing the war at the border. He documents several “examples of how illegal immigration and the influx of undocumented people to this country are having detrimental effects on our health care system.” Alvarez’s opinions got him labeled as a racist.


            Here’s a couple of comments worth reading about the Bolton SB 1070 ruling from View from the Right and Saber Point.


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