Shooting is a perishable skill

            I met an interesting fellow instructing at a shooting range last Saturday who taught me a few things that convinced me I need to spend some more time in his company. Any target-shooting firearm carrier who spends some time with Ed Chavez will become a safer, more accurate shooter and be better prepared to survive a self-defense emergency.

Ed Chavez of R&A Tactical

            Chavez owns and operates R&A Tactical in Tucson offering firearms equipment and training. A Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War, Second Recon Battalion and presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s security details, Chavez spent 23 years with the Tucson Police Department and was an instructor at the Southern Arizona Enforcement Training Center. He has taught thousands of police, military and civilians the complete gamut from basic firearms to advanced tactical training with handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Ed Chavez, far left, conducts a shoot and move drill during an advanced handgun class.

             It was fun and instructive to observe an advanced handgun class three friends participated in and Chavez invited me to do a little plinking after the exercises concluded. I’ve been hunting and target shooting since receiving my first .22 rifle when I was 10 years old and considered myself a fair shot and pretty safe handling guns. A few minutes with Chavez has already improved my grip and solved a mis-feed problem I occasionally experienced because of limp-wristing my .45 semi-auto pistol. Most importantly, those few minutes showed me that there is a lot more I can learn, and though I hope to never be involved in a gunfight, knowledge and practice could be the difference between life and death.

Ed Chavez demonstrates a weak hand draw and fire technique.

             I believe that good training and practice are essential for gun owners, especially those of us who choose to carry a firearm. Ed Chavez combines realistic shooting scenarios with hands-on coaching and practice tips heavy on good advice. I highly recommend his services whether you’re a novice or an expert shooter. Check out his website at


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