Hillary Clinton planning 2012 campaign

            Rowan Scarborough’s column at Human Events delves into the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2012. Clinton operatives are sowing the seeds for Hillary’s departure from the secretary of state position with plenty of ammunition against the Obama Administration in her arsenal gathered as an insider with access. This is a move that is going to get nasty with a resurgence of the Clinton machine’s politic campaigning based on destroying the already questionable credibility of Barack Obama and his socialist policies.

            I’m only going to brag a little bit, but in April of 2009 while I was living in Washington, D.C. and writing for Human Events, I predicted exactly this scenario, even going so far as to make a cash bet with one acquaintance who believed that Hillary would toe the line and serve out her term as secretary of state and campaign for Obama’s re-election. That bet looks more and more like money in the bank.

            Expect that following November’s mid-term elections, which I believe are not going to bring the sweeping changes in the House and Senate many are predicting, Hillary will resign her insider’s position and hit the politics of personal destruction campaign trail with claws and teeth bared.

            Take a look at this list of quotes from Democratic staffers and operatives compiled by Benny Johnson that is posted today on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com. Obama’s administration and support base is divided and they are planning for a future that will not include the current community-organizer-in-chief.


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One Response to Hillary Clinton planning 2012 campaign

  1. Bill Burchet says:

    Obama might have to pave the way for Hillary in 2012 in light of the following .
    Two American reporters have discovered and reported an odd “claim” (Ken Layne of Wonkette in Washington, DC and Jason Overdorf of Global Post — the latter after personally interviewing the author) it can well be considered a “scandal” unto itself.

    See the two stories for yourself below:

    Ken Layne of Wonkette: http://wonkette.com/416619/did-indian-writers-secret-book-create-entire-2008-election-and-barack-obama

    Jason Overdorf of Global Post: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/india/101106/obamas-secret

    This story might not be a “scandal” from the perspective of its Indian author, who has called the use of his book by Mr. Obama an “honor,” but it must surely be a scandal from American point of view, and particularly from the perspective of the American media, as the contents of the book appear to have been used by Obama without any authorization from the author.

    Whether it is a mere hypothesis of the author or a fact, who would uncover the truth about it, if not the American press? The author has provided sufficient evidence upon his special website to start and pursue an investigation by the journalists. Please see the link:

    The election might be an old story, but not the fact that a book by a foreign writer made a decisive impact on it through its use by one of the leading candidates. It is, in that respect, “breaking news” yet undiscovered by the American media. Are the American people not entitled to know the truth about it?

    Bill Burchet

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