Journolist revelations a discredit all journalists

            To call the collusion of the journalist members of Journolist troubling gives short shrift to the slobbering love affair of liberal writers with Barack Obama and his cohorts’ subversive plans for America’s future.

            While bloggers and media reporters, myself included, all have their own biases and agendas, the Journolist scheme is the worst self-inflicted black eye since the days of yellow journalism. The revelations by the Daily Caller and are must-read pieces for the American people.

            In journalism schools the most basic tenet of journalism 101 is that reporters report the news, not make up the news or conspire to twist the news to change the outcome. Whether it is done by the Journolist cadre, mainstream media or Fox News, it is wrong and a disservice to both liberal and conservative media consumers.

            Heads are going to roll over this scandal. I urge everyone to read everything they can find about this and make your opinions on this matter known to the media bosses who precipitated and participated in this scam.


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