Gen. McChrystal’s real motivation

            In a column on Human Events today retired Major General Jerry Curry’s commentary appears to concur with my analysis of the Gen. McChrystal/Obama dust up that ended the general’s military career. As Curry states, no war can be won without the complete support of a winning strategy by the commander in chief.

            Our president is wasting American lives pursuing a politically motivated strategy of mollifying our enemies instead of ruthlessly obliterating radical terrorists bent on attacking the United States and those foreign governments who sponsor terrorism and provide them sanctuary.

            The president called the war in Afghanistan a “war of necessity,” but if this war is necessary it must be fought to win. Fight to win or bring our soldiers home.


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One Response to Gen. McChrystal’s real motivation

  1. Jim Hooper says:


    By coincidence, Jerry Curry commanded the 220th RAC ‘Catkillers’ when the unit first deployed to Vietnam in 1965, some three years before the events in my book “A Hundred Feet Over Hell. I was looking forward to following him as guest speaker at the Catkiller reunion in Philadelphia last month, but he had to cancel due to his wife’s illness. More on him here:


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