Union thugs caught on camera. Again

            What is up with these union thugs and their intimidation of people harmlessly filming activities at rallies. Last time I checked, Americans had the right to peacefully assemble and filming or photographing people in public settings has long been upheld by court rulings.

            It’s not like this is a single instance. By the number of videos on websites like Breitbart.tv, one might begin to believe that this kind of thuggish and bullying behavior is a planned strategy. The authorities, meaning law enforcement officers and prosecutors need to make a few very public examples of arresting and prosecuting these criminal acts before union goons take it upon themselves to maim or kill some person on behalf of their messiah in Washington, D.C.

            It is not a crime to be opposed to another person’s political beliefs, but assault is a criminal offense and planned assaults are a conspiracy. This has got to stop.

            This cartoon by blogger drawfortruth nails the contrast between Tea Party rallies and union gatherings. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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Journalist, free-lance writer, photographer and aviator.
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