Arizona Republican Senate Debate II

            The second Republican debate is in the can. I just finished watching the hour-long podcast. Predictably, Sen. John McCain and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth declared themselves the winner. Hayworth even went so far as to state on CBS’ Face the Nation that The Arizona Daily Star named him the hands down winner, but I found no such declaration on the paper’s website.

            The debate was long on personal attacks by Hayworth and McCain and short on substantive statements of what the two might really accomplish. In reality, if one was forced to pick a candidate based solely on these two hour-long debates, political newcomer Jim Deakin could walk away with a win.

            Deakin appeared somewhat ill at ease during Friday’s three-way face off, but his performance Saturday was well composed and much improved while the professional politicians focused on personal attacks and tiresome restatements of what they did in the past.

            Deakin’s performance was a breath of fresh air by comparison and it really is a shame the man lacked McCain’s well-funded war chest and Hayworth’s freedom to devote himself solely to campaigning for the past year. As of today, I cannot state with certainty that I won’t be voting for Deakin come August 24.

           Video of Saturday’s debate can be found here and here

            Video of Friday’s debate can be seen here and here.

            Jim Deakin’s website.

            John McCain’s website.

            J.D. Hayworth’s website.

            Phoenix and Tucson newspaper reports on the debates can be found here, here, here and here.


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