A correspondent’s view of armed conflicts

          Jim Hooper is a writer and photographer who spent years covering wars around the world. I met him back when we were both skydivers. “Hoop” ran a famous drop zone in Zephyrhills, Florida and I managed a somewhat more infamous operation at Coolidge, Arizona.

          Hoop and I reconnected after he heard about my blog and we started exchanging E-mails. I’m ordering a copy of his new book A Hundred Feet Over Hell and looking forward to reading it.

          Here’s an excerpt from one of the reviews: “It is a book about young aviators performing their missions in frail airplanes who withstood terrifying experiences on a daily basis. Pilots tell, in their own words, how they managed to cope with the situation and took off every morning, well aware that the enemy was waiting for them.”-On Point, Army Historical Foundation

About zingstrom

Journalist, free-lance writer, photographer and aviator.
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