Out of the ditch and headed for a cliff

          This morning on NBC’s Meet the Depressed, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs again touted the Obama line about getting America’s “car” out of the ditch. Gibbs glibly parroted the president’s lousy analogy and warning that voters must not give the “keys” back to Republicans in the upcoming elections.

          Out here in the realm of reality far removed from the fantasy land of Washington, D.C., the majority of Americans fear the country has been following an off the map path without four-wheel drive, but the hope and change crowd has the wheel of state lashed on an unchangeable course that has the country headed straight over a cliff.

          National debt has, and continues, to grow to staggering amounts, the economy has not improved, unemployment remains near 10 percent, revenues are down, taxes are going up and Obamacare health reforms, the “greatest achievement” of Obama Administration is another step away from capitalism toward socialism.

          The midterm and 2012 elections cannot get here too soon.

          Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod did no better on ABC’s This Week attempting to defend Obama’s interim appointment of Donald Berwick. Obama and the Democrats studiously avoided confirmation hearings in Washington Republicans wanted to hold. Axelrod cited delays on post hearing votes as the reason for Berwick’s appointment. In reality, Berwick should be rejected for his “romantic” infatuation with the British National Health Care system and his redistribution of wealth views.

          Connie Hair gives a pretty good rundown on Berwick’s disqualifying aspects.

          Attorney General Eric Holder, appearing on CBS’ Deface the Nation, defied logic when he stated that he never said he was conducting a criminal investigation of BP when he instituted a criminal investigation of the Gulf oil spill. This is the kind of shyster “we’re smarter than you rubes in the heartland” legalese that is not fooling anyone any more.

          Holder filed a lawsuit against Arizona for its attempt to do what the federal government has refused to do. This is the same disingenuous malarkey by an attorney who has called the United States a “nation of cowards,”  and then walked away from prosecuting some of the most vile voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers seen in decades. According to this Fox News report, Holder is less than optimistic about the courts overturning SB 1070 and he is already planning for renewed attacks against the state. Playing politics with the rule of law is cowardice on his part. He is a national disgrace.

          Holder called on the citizens of the United States to “be honest” with ourselves. It would be useful for the lying AG to be honest with America.


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