USA vs Arizona is lose-lose for country and state

            The U.S. Department of Justice sued Arizona, where the borders are more secure than ever, because the state is allegedly impinging on the feds’ authority to perform a duty President Barack Obama openly admits the government fails to perform.

            While the lawyers and the courts argue the merits, parse the words and interpret the language no real solutions are forthcoming. Some have argued that the solution to most problems is to pour money on them, but in this case, the financial flood is a wave of tax dollars to avoid the issue.

            Human Events has my latest published piece on what promises to be a long and costly confrontation that will be paid in dollars, blood and lives.


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2 Responses to USA vs Arizona is lose-lose for country and state

  1. Will Erlandson says:

    I went to go check out your blog but the Army servers I use are blocking it. I’m gonna go ahead and say that it must be interesting and fun reading material. (Just so you’re not worried, blocking blogs is very common).

    Wanted to tip you off to an author I’ve been reading: You can google him for more on his books.

    Boston T. Party (AKA Ken Royce) is prior military, an avid shooter, an advocate for the Wyoming Free State Project, and not a lover of big government. He’s written about 10 books a variety of topics: African Safari, Boston’s Gun Bible, Molon Labe (novel), You And the Police and the one I’m reading now, One Nation Under Surveillance. The latter is about laws and technology used to gather information on American citizens by governments, corporations, and ID theives. Its incredibly eye-opening to discover what’s out there, what the is allowed to do, and how much can be gleaned about a person from open sources. Highly, highly recommend One Nation Under Surveillance; easily the most important book I’ve read in a long time.

    Other than that, lots of rockets interrupting the days/nights on the base in the last few months. It sucks not being able to shoot back at the guys that are trying to blow you up. I’ve only got about 40 days left in Asscrackistan, then after that I’m going to bask in the blinding rays of American sunshine for a while.

  2. Dave Engstrom says:

    Sad for the politicians to attempt to manage war…Viet Nam should have been the lesson. Once war is declared it should be a military effort. Politicians should stay at arms length til it’s over. Part of the deterrent of war is the destruction and aftermath. War should not be declared without good reason, but once a country commits the military should go and “win” it. There is a precious price for all, and the “spoils of war” cannot pay all the costs. Dave Engstrom

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