Rumors and innuendo harm Obama and the country

            The Internet, the unquestionable authority on everything, and Email boxes are filled with “expert” opinions, videos and citations about President Barack Obama’s place of birth, his education, religion and other questions about the man who came from obscurity to the White House.

            Obama himself appears to want information about his birth certificate, student loans and college grades, his graduate thesis and as much of his past as possible obscured. Some of the “experts” claim he, and his staffers including Attorney general Eric Holder, have spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours blocking access to this stuff. Why?

            It seems that Obama’s detractors will go to any length to connect the president to sinister forces out to dupe the United States onto a progressive, socialist path that inexorably is destroying the free market, independent republic formed by the Founding Fathers.

            Kenya and Obama’s relatives still living there claim the president was born in Mombasa, but the president says he was born in Hawaii. Obama produced a Certificate of Live Birth that Hawaiian officials insist is legitimate, but the hospital he says he was born at differs from the one listed on the certificate.

            There are just as many questions about the passport Obama used to travel to Indonesia, his citizenship to attend schools there, the social security number, or numbers, he has used, the student loans he obtained to earn his college and graduate degrees, and his activities prior to becoming a community organizer, an ACORN advocate, union shill and a politician.

            Obama promised hope and change we can believe in and vowed his presidency would be open and transparent. Hope is fading, the change is not what the majority of Americans want, and the open and transparent government has not happened. Clearly, Obama’s agenda, and that of his handlers, is contrary to American desires. Government spending and the national debt continue to rise geometrically as the president usurps greater powers than the Constitution grants to the executive branch. Americans now wonder what they can believe in about this president and his vision for America.

            If Obama has nothing to hide, why the iron curtain of secrecy about his past? As the 2010 midterm elections loom, his detractors will beat the subject of overt deception incessantly and those voices will only get louder as the 2012 election cycle and Obama’s run for a second term approach.

            Obama could easily debunk all the accusations and innuendo by opening up access to information about his past, but his reticence to do so forces Americans to conclude that he has something to hide. The question is what is he hiding and why? The president has gotten soft treatment from Americans and the media regarding his murky personal history. The birthers, truthers and conspiracy theorists go to such extreme lengths that the average American voter disregards the accusations the way most people ignore horoscopes.

          Personally, I doubt there is anything concealed that will require Obama’s removal from office, but the revelations will probably demonstrate that the president is not the person who was sold to the voters who put him in office. Still, the smokescreens and the cover-ups are troubling and the president must open up some of his records and access to his past history for the sake of his administration and the country he vowed to defend. The alternative is for Obama to keep trying to evade the facts and be voted out of office leaving a legacy of dishonesty and disillusionment that is as harmful to America’s political system as his policies have been to the country.


World Net Daily has a pretty complete description of the legal status of various cases seeking proof of Obama’s validity to hold the office of president.


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