DOJ lawsuit fails to address Arizona border crisis

President Barack Obama, like presidents before him, declined Arizona’s pleas for help to alleviate the flood of illegal immigrants, drugs and violent criminals crossing the Mexican border. Playing political games, the president holds Border State residents hostage pushing for Republican support for comprehensive amnesty.

Tuesday, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against a state that acted because the federal government chose not to enforce federal immigration law. The court battle will be long and costly, eventually to end up before the United States Supreme Court.

It promises to be a bruising fight for Arizona and Obama, but it should never have developed to this point. The DOJ asserts the states have no authority to pass and enforce immigration laws. Arizona, and a growing list of states, counter that the federal government’s willingness to ignore the law leaves states with no other choice but to act.

Millions of dollars will be spent on attorneys before the issue is decided. Victory is uncertain for either side. In other words, whichever way the courts rule American citizens are the losers in this showdown. America cannot afford to stay on the course our elected leaders have charted.

Tax dollars better spent elsewhere will be wasted and the enmity citizens feel towards the federal government will not abate. The sole point of agreement between both sides is that the federal government has failed to fix a broken immigration system. The choice between the Democrats’ comprehensive reforms with amnesty and Republicans’ secure the border first and address immigration reforms one step at a time is a chasm the opposing parties cannot bridge.

If Arizona loses, state’s rights are limited and the immigration crisis remains unchanged. If Obama’s administration loses, the chasm widens and the immigration problems will shift to New Mexico, Texas and California, states who will be forced to take action like Arizona. And Obama will still be holding out for comprehensive reforms, further delaying real solutions.

November’s mid-term elections are the voters’ opportunity to send this unambiguous message to our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle in both Houses of Congress: You have two years left to show real progress on immigration, unemployment, border security, energy and banking reforms, reduced spending and deficit reduction. We elected you to lead. If you fail to do so your careers in elected office end with your term.

Americans need to say this—mean it, and be willing to back up the promise with certainty and without mercy.

To read the DOJ’s 27 page court filing of USA vs State of Arizona, go here. The complaint lists everything the federal government may do in regard to dealing with illegal immigrants. It fails to state why the federal government does not to do so.


Over at Human Events, Michelle Malkin writes about the background of the DOJ’s chief lawyer in the suit against Arizona.

Kris W. Kobach drafted the language of SB 1070. He writes about the Obama lawlessness on immigration and the weakness of the government’s case.

I wonder if MSNBC expected a 95.8 percent Yes to 4.2 percent No among more than two million voters in this poll on support for Arizona’s SB 1070.


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