Chicago fires back at Supreme Court ruling

          The City of Chicago’s aldermen were sorely chafed by the Supreme Court’s MacDonald vs. City of Chicago ruling against Chicago’s unconstitutional gun ban. These new, and likely illegal restrictions, are a self-inflicted wound that will bleed taxpayer dollars into additional litigation.

          It appears that the city’s leaders would rather spend their taxpayers money on more litigation than accept that the right to keep and bear arms has been sanctioned by the top court of the land. Chicago took another shot at gun rights and hit themselves right in the foot.

          Gun owners and Second Amendment proponents should consider boycotting Chicago until the aldermen stop trying to infringe on free Americans’ rights. Does it not occur to those elected leaders that the wave of gun violence against its citizens is directly related to the fact that gun-wielding thugs are shooting at unarmed citizens stripped of their right to self-defense?

          The Supreme Court’s ruling left the question of “reasonable restrictions” in the hands of state and municipal authorities, but Chicago’s latest move stretches the bounds of reasonable. These new regulations amount to a ban on handguns and that was specifically what the court ruled against.

          This Associated Press story posted on gives the details of Chicago’s draconian new gun rules.


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