ACC candidate Barry Wong pulls own plug

          Former state representative and now Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission Barry Wong is making illegal immigration the focus of his campaign. Problem is that what he wants to do is probably illegal and the not the purview of the ACC.

            Wong wants to force the state’s power companies and utilities to check the immigration status of customers and turn off service to illegals. Wong might have had a chance at winning a seat on the commission—until he announced this asinine plan. His campaign could be over before Arizona’s primary elections in August.

            Campaign grandstanding on an issue popular with the state’s voters with an idiotic suggestion distracts from the seriousness of the problem, gives ammunition to SB 1070 opponents, and makes voters doubtful about Wrong Wong’s suitability for elected office.


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One Response to ACC candidate Barry Wong pulls own plug

  1. Roy Jimenez says:

    Barry Wong, candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission joins the rest of the right wing GOP loony crowd such as State Senator Russell Pierce, Former Congressman J. D. Hayworth , Governor Brewer, Senator McCain, and Sheriff Arpio, in making Arizona the laughing stalk of the nation. While this state is economically crumbling because of outrages misguided economic policies adopted by the GOP, these right wing kooks strike back at the Mexican immigrant in the fiercest of ways that I not need to recount here since they have been publicly broadcasts locally and nationwide.

    Barry Wong is the latest of these crazy GOP fanatics that have jumped on the “beat up the immigrant train” by suggesting that we should check immigration status prior to extending utilities to these immigrant rascals. What a ridiculous, bigoted, and racist suggestion.

    I understand that Mr. Wong is of Asian heritage, his parents having immigrated to this country from China. It was not very long ago that Asians were rounded up and interned in concentration camps solely for being Asian. Asians at the turn of the century were denied citizenship rights even though they were born here, Here in Arizona, Asian were denied voting rights and were discriminated in housing, business, employment, and prohibited from intermarrying with white people. Has Mr. Wong so soon forgotten how difficult and harsh civil rights were for Asians?. Now he has joined the ranks of the right wing Anglo and thinks that it is cool to suggest that Mexican immigrants should submit evidence of legal status prior to being extended utility rights (do we exclude Asian immigrants from his ridiculous proposals, including his parents?). What a sorry excuse for a human being. He totally discusses me. I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

    Roy Jimenez

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