Congressman shows open contempt for Arizona

         Rep. Pete Stark, (D-Calif), showed his open contempt for Arizona and the constituents at his town hall meeting in this video posted by the Golden Gate Minuteman group on Youtube.

          Stark’s attitude typifies the ignorance on border and immigration issues and the misdirection SB 1070 critics employ while, like the White House delegation who visited Arizona on Monday, trying to sell their comprehensive amnesty reforms.

          Legal immigrants and Second Amendment advocates were targets of Stark’s lame repartee. He represents a state and cities that rose up in moral outrage to set boycotts in place against Arizona, boycotts that have failed to have a serious impact on Arizona’s economy.

          Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, all nearly bankrupt from government spending and incompetence, are discovering they cannot afford to boycott Arizona’s businesses and are carving out exceptions in their boycotts almost daily.

          California got improved fences, federal tax dollars and 287g federal cooperation with local law enforcement in the 1990s. Those measures seriously impeded the illegal crossers on the California-Mexico border.

          Now that the problem has shifted to their neighboring state, it is no longer California’s political problem–other than the deficit building billions spent providing services to California’s unknown number of illegals.

          From the tone of that meeting, California residents are finally becoming as tired and frustrated of federal inaction on immigration enforcement and border security as Arizona’s legislature, and the majority of the state’s citizens.

          Too many elected state and federal pols have surrendered to a problem too difficult to repair. It is cowardice and un-American in the extreme.


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One Response to Congressman shows open contempt for Arizona

  1. JeffC says:

    Stark’s arrogance towards his constituents is indicative of the contempt for our citizens that plagues Congress as a whole (or is that hole?). His complete lack of responsiveness to what originally was a thoughtful and serious question is not acceptable.

    Perhaps we should recharter the Minutemen to corral all of Congress and prevent them from doing more harm. Stark will provide the arms, and all of those armed citizens of Freemont will surely help.

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