Brennan and Brewer border showdown a draw at best

UPDATE: Post Meeting

          In a slap at Gov. Brewer, the Washington, D.C. delegation met with U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard in Tucson before meeting Brewer. Both Democrats, Giffords opposes SB 1070, but promotes border security while Goddard also opposes the law and was removed from the state’s defense team for that reason. He is the presumptive Democratic candidate to run against Brewer.

          Obama’s promised troops will be coming, 524 of the 1,200. And of the $600 million the president promised for border security, more than half of it will go to Mexico and just over $100 million for Arizona.

            Gov. Jan Brewer met today with Washington officials sent to Arizona to discuss President Barack Obama’s promise of troops and tax dollars for the border. The delegation did not talk about SB 1070, the illegal immigrant enforcement law that is not the subject of a U.S. Supreme Court review in October announced today.

          The president couldn’t make the trip. He probably couldn’t face the Arizona heat on the local golf courses, even one near the border where duffers sometimes meet border crossers headed north. Former Arizona governor and now head of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who insists she is familiar with the border and that it is secure, sent DHS Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan.

          No word on whether Brennan plays golf or plans to visit the border, but it is known that he does not approve of SB 1070. This was an adversarial meeting that will result in little more than threats of legal challenges and a sales pitch for ineffectual symbolic security measures and comprehensive amnesty.

          The Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of the federal court ruling upholding Arizona’s law against businesses hiring illegal immigrant workers. The Department of Justice, as announced last week on Ecuadorian TV, has yet to file a promised lawsuit against SB 1070. At today’s meeting officials said they were not at liberty to discuss the Obama Department of Justice’s plans.

          The Obama administration is in full-press mode to counter state’s rights challenges to federal authority. Brewer needed to stay focused in these discussions and avoid gaffes like her statement about the majority of illegals being involved in smuggling. Plainly, her claim was incorrect and her clarification more fodder for critics. The situation in Arizona is crisis enough without political exaggeration.

          Though Brewer appeared disappointed following the meeting, the watered down plan is about what many expected. Obama wants comprehensive amnesty and open borders. The safety of Americans is less important than Obama’s assault on state’s rights.

          Brewer came out of the Washington meeting she shamed Obama into having three weeks ago, but this showdown seems to be a draw. Having been stung by Brewer and Sen. Jon Kyl’s over immigration and federal failures, Obama is looking for political points with his base by getting tough with Arizona.

           The Washington Examiner has Barbara Hollingsworth’s column about Brewer’s growing national status after signing SB 1070. To no surprise to Arizonans, Brewer’s fiscal record and promoting a new sales tax does not sit well with the national political talent scout types either. has this report on the meeting and the Arizona Daily Star’s reports on the Giffords/Goddard meeting.

 CNS News has Napolitano’s comments on border security.


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