Republican Party losing core support

          Doug Patton’s column on Human Events website expresses a sentiment that is growing among life-long Republicans.

          Ronald Reagan said he switched his affiliation from Democratic to Republican after “the Democratic Party left me.” It’s a trend with appeal to many conservatives today who no longer believe the Republican Party supports the views of its membership and America.

          This trend spells disaster for the predicted Republican gains in the next two election cycles and catastrophe for the future of the United States.


          The Republican National Committee confidently believes the 2010 elections will begin a voter-approved return toward conservative government. The RNC’s confidence is misplaced and indicative of the disconnect between party members and party leaders. Expanding dissatisfaction with the party among Democratic and Independent voters casts a pall of doubt equally over DNC election predictions.

          The Hill’s Michael O’Brien writes about the RNC’s hopes for “significant gains” resulting from the midterm elections.

          The New York Times’ MICHAEL LUO expounds on the Democratic Party’s hope that a slightly improved economy, jobs outlook and short constituent memories are their key to holding Senate, House and state governor seats in closely contestable areas of the country.

          The Republican and Democratic parties have left their core members and judging from voter confidence polls, both parties face unforeseen and surprising election results in November. Even though the Tea Party movement has loosely united scattered but vocal Constitutional Rights supporters, the radical arms of both parties benefit from voter ennui and malaise.

           The malaise was brought on by a government of elected leaders, vouchsafed by political party leaders that steps further away from the founding principles of the nation. For conservatives, it has been an unstoppable headlong rush toward a socialist nanny-state. For Democrats, the reality of social justice and big government control is a precipice above a yawning pit of unsustainable debt and more freedom lost.

          When little changes after November 2010 and Washington, D.C. returns to politics-as-usual, real upheaval against government and political party leadership will result.


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