Illegal workers get protection, non-union workers get beaten

          There is ample hand-wringing over illegal immigrant workers here in the U.S., only to work hard and improve their lives. Hilda Solis, head of the Labor Department stars in a government video promising fair pay to illegal workers.

          Where then is the same concern for non-union workers attacked by union members? This Labor Union Report posted at tells of regular and increasingly violent attacks against legal workers in this country.

          These kind of attacks by union members come straight out of the Thug’s Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing Enemies.

          Unions can no longer build membership numbers because unions are good for workers. Instead, they resort to physical attacks, fear and intimidation–and they own President Barack Obama. Fortunately for America, the unions went all-in on a loser.


          Don Loos has this piece on about organized labor’s collusion with the Obama Administration and state governments to institute reforms forcing more American workers, legal residents or not, into union membership.

          Unions once provided a needed benefit for workers, but in modern times the government/union complex has become a deal with the devil for workers and a boil on the tail of progress, taxpayers and the welfare of this nation.


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